Kuka krc4 like master

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    I have Kuka KR6R700sixx,Profinet KRC-Nexxt (V3.2.3),EtherCat... and I need to switch(on,off) conveyors,communication between sensor box, control camera cognex....

    I need to Kuka like master. What I need to have (Beckhoff)? Without any PLC.

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  • When it comes to Profinet on KRC4, there are two flavours - lower cost is only Slave. higher cost can be both slave and master.

    btw. both of them support ProfiSafe, the only difference is that one of them can be master to standard I/O (not safety I/O).

    lower cost is great for cases where PLC is master.

    for setup that has no PLC, KRC4 would need to act as master.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Hello

    Thanks for your answer. I would like know What I need buy when robot will need to like Master via profinet. I need to conveyors control via I/O.

    Sorry for my eng...:-(

  • First step is determine if Your ProfiNet KRC-Nexxt (V3.2.3) is Controller/Device or just Device type.

    With the first You will achieve what You want. With the second (Device only), You won't.

    Second step is assure all Your peripherals can communicate via ProfiNet, or can be plugged on a module that has this capacity.

  • First step: The Profinet is Controller / Device (KUKA.ProfiNet Controller / Device 3.2)

    Second step: My imagine is: communication via Profinet ex: KUKA-> Some modul -> I/O signals to conveyors (24V).

    I will send bit to modul via profinet where ex. turn on convertor to on...

    For a couple of time ago I used Beckhoff card EK1100 with EL6731-0010 on communication between PLC and robot via Profibus. Has ex.Beckhoff some card on communication between peripherals and kuka via profinet?

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