• Hello, I am new to this forum and to robotics as a whole. I work as an electromechanic and has recently got the job as robot mechanic. Neither my mentor nor our technician knows how to "take a backup" on the MOTOMAN XRC robot portals that we have in our factory. I saw a informative video on youtube how to do a backup but the robots interface is locked to operation mode only. I don't know how to unlock it. I went into maintanence mode but have only one option, whilst on the video there were three. I'd appriciate any help in my quest of learning this stuff out. I apologize for any wrongings such as not in the right section and language errors, English is not my first language. Thank you.

    Kind regards.


  • You can back up in any security level. You may have options. If you have the FDE for Windows software you could use it. The surefire way is to use a compact flash card with a PCMCIA adaptor. The downside is the compact flash has to be small, 16 Meg or 32 Meg, not Gig.

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  • Well according to this, it is hard to find in these days PC CARD of 16 or 32mb size. I was trying 512mb - no use... ( More than that, XRC goes with error 3080 on any operation with card inserted ( i'm using Transcend 512mb)). By the way, is there passibility to format it with XRC controller? Or it must be done on PC? Or maybe there is no other way than finding this ultra rare 32mb card?


  • You couldn't format CF card in PC, only way is use other controller (dx100) and use its windows for format the CF card.

    I use before with 128mb for xrc controller but i don't know how is with 512 mb. Maybe it couldn't work.

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with CF card and only way i checked was DX200 controller. I format my CF card via windows CE in the DX200 controller and after that i format it on the XRC controller.

    I couldnt find other way.

  • I ended up finding an old laptop and booting win98 on a usb stick. The software recovery mentioned on another post seemed to do the trick to some 32mb cards we grabbed from california pc. Not just to reload the files! Thanks for the help

  • Well, in my case, after one more series of endless manual reading, i found out recommendations for CF. It is described in Yaskawa's Automatic Backup Function Instruction Manual for XRC

    But when i started to search for described types.... well...

    So finally I end up with Sandisk SDCFBI-64-201-80. Genuine one works perfect.


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