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    If you see in your job, (JC_AGCCK.jbl), there are GETARG instruction, when the job start for work and receive to this instruction, it will give value defined for ARGF0 tag and save in one of variables same as example that Lemster68 say in up.

    There are several software for offline programing, i have other software that is very proffesional software but it is very expensive.

    It is Visual Component software, the base of some offline programs is this software.

    you can use SYSTEM JOBs.

    You can define maximum 4 system job and this jobs are always running with usaully jobs and you can calculate every thing and use its data in robot job.

    The first network input is from 27010 to 27017.

    When the 27010 (testVar.0) is used the first bit of 8 bit become ON.(0000-0001)

    When use 27011 (testVar.1) the second bit become ON(0000-0010)

    When use 27017 (testVar.7) the end bit become ON(1000-0000).


    You couldn't control robot outputs from HMI directly, if you for it please use network inputs. You must connect every output that you like for control in DX200 ladder. Connect one of network input address to output that you will.

    For read status of input or output, create a variable with unsigned 8 bit and use address without end number. It means define output 3003. For example you define variable with name out1-status. When you will see status of 30030, put a lamp and use address "out1-status.0"

    It will give you status of 30030. If you will see status of 30032, put "out1-status.2"

    I hope it can help you.


    Yes i will share with you my knowledge tomorrow.

    You need special cognex job for give data and send to DX200.

    Also you must active a function in the controller and use VSTART instruction for send trigger and take data.

    what is it and when must we use it?

    What is different between it and normal tool?

    How can define it same as normal tools?


    In some documents and pictures i see there are master tool in P-Variables but i couldn't find it in our controller and in motosim. Can any person say how can we active master tool and see it?

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    You can create a job same as you said, (clean-torch).

    In this job use DOUT OT#4095 ON for active feed. Also you must a timer and after that turn off the output.

    DOUT OT#4095 ON

    TIMER T=2 sec ( it is depend on the wire feed speed)

    DOUT OT#4095 OFF

    For cycle, you can use INC B000 instruction and increase every time the welding finished. And you must use SET B000 0 in your clean-torch. Use a condition instruction same as IFTHEN and check B000 every time become 4 and go to clean-torch when this condition becom correct.