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    Thanks for the hints, this did what I needed:

    IF ( IN#(1)=OFF ) THEN



    If the system job function is actives on your robot, you can use your program.

    IF ( IN#(1)=OFF ) THEN



    The system job is always running in back of robot, if the IN#(1) = OFF the system give alarm.

    For use system job, go to JOB Menu and select CREATE NEW JOB and see in JOB TYPE are there SYSTEM JOB or not. if there are you can create a new job with SYSTEM JOB type and write your codes on it.

    Please check MXT teminal, it is mounting inside the door of controller, check the pin that show SAFF1 and SAFF2. See the picture.

    Check what wire are connected to this pins.

    You can jump two pins for SAFF1 and also jump two pins for SAFF2. Check the alarm occur again or not. ( Do this work when controller is turned OFF)

    I have been fighting this problem with GP600. Every time I start the job it pops up the the message "Simulating IO . Operate? Yes/No" . Now I went thru the forums and found how to set any simulated IO to physical on both GP input and external input and did so . I am still seeing the popup message every time. I feel like I am missing something simple. Any thoughts? Thanks .


    It is possible you active an input or output manually (SIM) in IN/OUT menu.

    For see what input or output are SIM, go to IN/OUT menu and find the I/O simulation list, under it you can see what input or outputs are active.

    There are a SIM in front of each input or output, if you press select it will be hide and the input or output will be disable from simulation and you don't want to see the message again.

    Also you can see the signal #80023, if the door is closed and it is locked, this signal must turn ON, if it is OFF when door is lock the problem is from wiring.


    This alarm is about safety door signals, if you have door lock check its signals, these signals go to a green board inside of the controller door .

    Check the pins 3 , 4 , 5, 6.

    If any wire connected to these pins, you must check their connection. Maybe the wires are disconnected or broken.

    I use the format stp.

    Yes you use stp format but when you import it to Motosim, it change to hsf format.

    You must create two draw from orginal stp. Open it to SOLIDWORKS and change to two part. One it the length of tracker without trolley under robot, and one part is trolly for under robot. With this work you can move only trolly and robot that are mounting on it.

    You are using hsf format file, it is a complete draw and it doesn't have separate sections for move. If you see the base of tracker must be stable and without moving and the base under robot that robot is mounting on it must move with robot.

    You can solve this problem only if you change tracker from one section to two section. You can use SOLIDWORKS and separate tracker to two section. After that the base can stay without moving and the base that robot is mounting on it can move.

    You can use rect x or rect y in maintenance mode after this change in 3d drawing.

    I hope you understand and can help you.


    What vision camera do you want to connect robot?

    Some of camera same as Cognex , Omron can connect to controller with a function in the controller, robot can send trig to camera and take data directly from it. It use Ethernet function.


    Yes use concurrent job is one of methods for this work.

    Other method is use ladder editor, if you give error that is because the output address used in a BMOV instruction. For solve this problem check same as bellow:

    STR #70017

    BMOV #10010,510,#30030

    If you see the address #30243 is in this instruction. You must take out from it and use one by one.

    If you don't have knowledge to edit ladder don't use this method.


    According to the Motoplus manual, there are two type of MOV instructions for use different modes.

    mpManualMOV can use in teach mode and other MOV instructions same as mpMOVJ need to use in Play mode and in teach mode give error.

    I don't suggest to use MOV instructions for move robot in Motoplus, it isn't safe.


    There are 9 file for shock level under ROBOT menu. File from 1 to 7 is to use shock level instructions (Inform instruction) in the job, file number 8 is for play mode, it means when robot is in play mode it use this values, file number 9 is for teach mode. Only file 9 have one value other files can give values for each axis separate. You can set value detection for each axis.


    There are two type of variables in Yaskawa robots, global and local.

    It is depends on what type you are using.

    The global Position variables show with P and the local Position with LP.

    If you are using normal position variables that are under VARIABLES menu, it is global variables therefore any change in this variables have effect on all job. If you change this variables in a job, it have effect on other jobs too.

    But if you use the LP variables, the change of this variables have effect only on job that are using it. The local variables must select and active in each job separate.

    The example couldn't help you, you need to have a training or use Yaskawa manuals.

    For Yaskawa instructions you can use Inform manual. It show each instruction how work.