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    In ladder editor you can use only M register , any of variables couldn't use in ladder.

    You can use system job and it will be always run , you can use DIN instruction for read the status of inputs and save in B variable.

    If I write this instruction DIN B000 IN#(23060) is it true or not ???

    No, the address isn't correct, you couldn't use external inputs address, you need to use input numbers.

    You need to check the external input address connect to each inputs number.

    You can check it in robot ladder .

    Go to general purpose inputs and use address in this page. The input number must use in below instruction nor external input address.

    DIN B000 IN#(1)

    That is different but for it contact Yaskawa and see below link.

    see below link.

    Yes, same an new diagram.

    As you know the direction of electric current is from positive pole to negative pole of power source, you are using +24 from external power source and the electric current go out from it but couldn't come back to negative pole (0 volt of external power source). therefore the circuit couldn't close and the it don't work.

    You couldn't connect Siemens PLC via Ethernet to DX200 directly. If you have Profinet card on DX200 you can connect those easy.

    Unfortunately the Siemens don't support Ethernet IP protocol too. It doesn't need to buy any card on DX200 but that need to activate Ethernet IP function by Yaskawa.

    The free and easy way is using 8 bit of digital outputs on PLC and connect directly to the external inputs on the DX200.

    With this work you need to use DIN instruction and read the external inputs values.

    There are other way, use Modbus TCP.

    With Modbus TCP you can send data to B variables directly from PLC. (That is for Yaskawa Europe and you need to contact those)

    I hope help to you.

    The PAUSE instruction can help for stop robot but your goal need to more info.

    If you are using HMI and that is directly to connected to robot controller, you don't need to use DIN, you can send your data directly to variables. (B variables or other variables)

    You said about your goal, you will stop robot in a position by input a number in HMI.

    Do you know in which position you will robot stop?

    The PAUSE instruction can help to stop robot when that is moving and use IF in PAUSE and check your variable in it.

    Same as below code:

    PAUSE IF B000=5 //B000 come directly from HMI

    But i think your goal isn't this because you can use this code in some of your lines, if you need to check all thine the variable that come from HMI, need to use system job function.

    To use GETPOS you define two tag, first tag is position variable (to get robot position and data of all axis) and step number.


    GETPOS P000 STEP#(1)

    According to this example, the position of MOV instruction in STEP 1 save in P000. (Data of all axis save in P000)

    There aren't any tag in DIN instruction to get the step number.

    I didn't see other instruction for do it.

    Only there are GETPOS instruction that can give position of a step. You can give step number and it save the position of robot for that step.

    The origin point (main frame) is on the axis one.

    If you have Motosim, you can see it.

    The Motosim software can help you to see the origin point, restrictions and other things.