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    What generation of controller? YRC1000 and most DX200s can give angles. In the calibration screen there is a method. The options in the drop-down are COORD, COORD+POSTURE, and POSTURE.

    Better to be safe than sorry. Batteries have a shelf life of 3-5 years and are good for 3-5 years. I change mine out every two years. Other equipment calls for two years so I do everything at the same time.

    The controller manual will say 36000 hours. This is the same amount of hours it says the robot needs to be overhauled. Definitely would not wait that long.

    Yes, MotoSim is capable of Relative Job. Relative Job will only be available on your virtual controller if:

    A). You loaded the ALL.PRM or particular files from a real controller with Relative Job turned on.

    B). You turned Relative Job on manually through a text editor or parameter editor.

    MotoSim is creating an accurate syntax job so there is a header that can be changed manually.

    You can use Excel to input positions, save as a CSV, and load into a MotoSim job.

    Yes, MotoSim is capable of Relative Job. Relative Job will only be available on your virtual controller if:

    A). You loaded the cmos.bin or particular files from a real controller with Relative Job turned on.

    B). You turned Relative Job on the virtual controller in Maintenance mode under System, Setup, Option functions.

    To create a user frame programmatically use the MFRAME instruction under ARITH.

    Are you on the correct robot's EAXA and Convertor? 303 shows a connection failure.

    EAXA CN507 which is the off white cable that is communication to the Convertor CN553.

    EAXA CN510 which is a twisted blue/blue-white connector to the Convertor CN551. This is 24 Vdc from the AXA to power up the convertor.

    Does the convertor have lights on it when power is on? What color are the lights?

    The SELECT button brings up the list of instructions when you are on the address (left) side.

    It's like a robot job. From the address you can add new instructions and delete instructions. From the instruction side you can change the way the existing line looks.

    If you may any changes you have to AREA key up to DATA, SELECT, COMPILE, YES. Servos do need to be off to compile.

    Not knowing what generation of controller this is or what country this came from, makes it a little difficult to say. Looking at the screen the generation is something in the last 15 years.

    It could be OT#(2047) if it is DX100. Unlikely since I see three columns for line, step, and tool number.

    It could be OT#(4095) if it is a DX200 or YRC1000.

    Hopefully, they are labeled. Different countries have different standards. I would expect wire feed would be in the same group as the wire cutter. Which makes both output addresses above wrong.

    How do I define these inline though? If this is the only option, then I guess I have to use it....

    Inline is not something on a Yaskawa controller.

    I'd like to be able to generate a .JBI file given just the list of points, and then be able to load it onto the controller and be able to run it, as I can do with a KUKA.

    To generate a job and dump it in, with meaningful positions, not pulse counts, the positions would need to be in XYZ. This leaves your choices with using position variables or the relative job software option.

    Relative job will take a job written in pulse counts and convert the positions to XYZ, relative to something, the robot or a user frame. It will also convert a XYZ job back to pulse.

    I see that you can set either a position register Pxxx or P[n]. Are these different? Where can I specify what P[n] is?

    Pxxx is directly addressed. P[n] is indirectly addressed. The [n] could be a constant value or a variable.


    P000 would be using the data in P000, whether that is a position to move to, or a shift amount, or an increment move. This position would be stored in the job's header. If opening or generating the job off-line there would need to be data for this address in the header.

    P[0] would still be using the data in P000. The data would not be stored in the job's header. This is convenient for an integrator who dumps standard jobs into all the cells they do controllers. The programmer would have to either set up the data manually or programmatically.

    P[B000] would use the data in the position variable's address that is what ever is in the contents box of B000. If B000 contents box is 0, this would be the same as P000. If If B000 contents box is 1, this would be the same as P001.

    Someone told me that pumping new grease while pluged exhaust port, sealing can be damaged. I would like to change catching grease directly to bags.

    Leaving the exhaust port plugged can damage seals, amongst other things. Connecting a piece of air line provides a restriction but is not plugged. Yaskawa techs pump into a bucket or bag all the time.