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    Basis, roboter, and anwender all show the position of the active tcp. The data is the tcp's position with respect to the origin of something, the basis, the roboter, or an anwender.

    The screen you are displaying is tcp #5's position from the origin of the roboter.

    To edit/teach the tcp, go to ROBOTER in the Main Menu. Then Tool Control Point. Since Tool Number Switching is on, press SELECT on the tool number you wish to edit.

    I just discovered that CNVRT is missing from arith menu on one of my controllers. Interesting. I thought that it is one of default instructions on every controller.

    Potis, how do you do tool change?

    CNVRT PX000 PX000 TF TL#ToolNumber or CNVRT PX000 PX000 TL#ToolNumber ?

    The CNVRT instruction has been a standard going back 30+ years. The only two reasons I can think of why it wouldn't show up:

    1) Language level set to subset.

    2) Job's group set is not a robot, base, or station. Set to a non-group job.

    I have used the CNVRT both ways you show. It really depends on what you are trying to do and what the rest of the code sets up.

    Is your number 11 the decimal number or the binary number?







    If your 11 is decimal the D3, D1, and D0 are a 1, 8 +2+1. Everyone else is 0.

    If you 11 is binary the D1 and D0 are one, everyone else is 0. This would be the decimal number 3.

    If you want the interrupt enabled all the time you could put the EI at the top of every job. You could also write in the ladder if someone jogs the robot or moves the cursor force a the master job call. At the top of the master job have your EI instruction.

    Change the security level to at least Management. Go to Parameter in the Main Menu. Go to RS in the submenu. Cursor to RS005’s content box. Press SELECT. Type in 1. Press Enter.

    You don’t specify a controller generation. The above will work on anything since the late 90s.

    Can you describe more? Vacuum could be control through a robot job. It could be controlled through the ladder program. It could be controlled through a system job.

    All these are already on you controller except for system job. That is a paid option you may or may not have.

    Is this just on/off for the vacuum? Are you trying to control a large motor vacuum pump?

    No, there is not a way to just delete the ladder.

    Is the CF card too big? Depending on software version, the smaller the CF card the better, under a GB, MB is preferable.

    One resort is to initialize the ladder. This would remove the external hold but could cause other messages and issues depending on what peripheral equipment the robot is connected to.

    If that is your whole User side of the ladder you have issues. The User side should have hundreds of lines.

    Do you have a backup of the CIO.PRG or CMOS.BIN?

    If not you would need to initialize the ladder which could cause other problems. I'm assuming the robot has not run in production or some odd project with no i/o.

    By the way, is there anyway to change collision sensor sensitivity on teach mode? Because i wanto to test the program before actually run it on automatic but it might detect collision with the brush.

    Shock Sens Level Condition Number 9 is for teach, you only have the 1 file.

    No, it is not possible to collect those indvidual files into a cmos outside the controller. Wihout a cmos you could:

    1. Call Intelitek and see if they have a backup from when the cell was shipped.

    2. Call the local Yaskawa office where Intelitek got the cell from. Yaskawa should have a backup of when they shipped the cell to Intelitek.

    3. Have the local Yaskawa office come in and set the controller back up.