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    I'm a little confused by pop-up message. Does the pop-up have the word ALARM then a 4 digit number?

    A pop-up would be done through the DIALOG instruction right before a PAUSE or ABORT instruction and would NOT be an alarm. You'd have to find the particular DIALOG instruction that you want to modify. The text you want to change is in a STRING variable. Dissecting the DIALOG instruction would tell you what STRING to change.

    If the pop-up looks like the standard Alarm screen then the text is either:

    1) Alarm 9xxx. Changed by in Management security level go to IN/OUT in the Main Menu, then I/O Alarms.

    2) Alarm 8xxx. Find the SETUALM instruction and change the text in the instruction or in the STRING variable it is referencing.

    Try SOUT #185 CTRL GRP RUN R1. This is for R1, not sure if that is the robot you are using. The output is on when the R1 robot is moving. It turns off when the robot is sitting still. You could send this to the external outputs and on to the plc.

    Hi guys!

    In my program i'm not using the input CALL MASTER JOB, so the operator has to select the MAIN. Can I link the switching of the key from TEACH or PLAY to REMOTE to the page of the MAIN program? In order to avoid that the operator select a wrong job.

    I'm working with NX100


    Yes, you could do this in the ladder. You could write in the ladder to call the MJ, turn on servos, and start the job.

    If your not comfortable with editing the ladder, you could wire in a push button by the pendant. The push button would be wired into the CALL MASTER JOB dedicated input.

    You could also wire the push button to an Universal Input and call the MJ, turn on servos, and start the job with one push through the ladder.

    Isn't there a hardware lock for this? You need it in order to make backups? (USB dongle)

    You can try YasXfer otherwise (See attached manual)

    The hardware key would come with the software.

    YasXfer is a European product. Looking at the attached data sheet they list nothing newer than an NX controller. The NX came out in 2004. This product may be discontinued. The OP would have to contact Yaskawa GmbH.

    1) Incorrect abso data. Take each axis to 0 pulse counts. The alignment marks should line up.

    2) Controller initialized with a different robot. Compare the name plate number on the robot to the model the controller is initialized with under SYSTEM INFO, VERSION.

    3) If the robot was MotoCal'd, someone mistyped the link length in. Missed a 0 or two.

    Been like this forever or just recently?

    95devils, thanks for clearing that up. ^^ Can you confirm or deny that macros are now standard on those controllers? Or was I right that the option must be purchased by the OP? OP = Original Poster, BTW. BTW = By The Way. :P

    I can confirm that default out of the box macro job is not turned on.

    In the US, don't want to speak for other countries, on YRC1000s macro job is standard on an arc application. On a non-welding application it is an option.

    On a non-welding cell depending what other options were purchased macro job may be turned on. Example, MotoSight 2D comes with macro job.

    A Yaskawa non-thermal programmer may decide to turn the option on if it makes their life easier.

    On DX200 about half through the run the above is also true. On the XRC, NX100, DX100, and FS100 it was a paid option. Depending what other options were purchased macro job may be turned on. Example, TouchSense comes with macro job.

    A Yaskawa programmer may decide to turn the option on if it makes their life easier.

    That is a DX pendant. When you put the pendant on an NX the pendant software has to be rewritten. If the pendant is then put on DX the pendant software has to be rewritten. This has to be done in Windows with the disk on chip. Contact your local Yaskawa office.

    what RoboProf and RobotRuler are saying:

    If the job has a control group of only a robot (R1) use the COMARCON instruction.

    If the job has a control group of a robot and an external axis (R1+S1:S1) use the SCOMARC instruction.

    Using the wrong instruction with the wrong hardware won't work.

    Ok, it is in the ADJUST macro then? Trying to figure what version of MS2D you are using. Did you change in your position job’s header to the user frame you specified the ADJUST macro to create?

    When you assigned your location did you set the correct tool that you used to teach the robot motion job and set the user frame that was taught on the calibration grid?

    1) Can the user frames been taught on top of the pallet? Then multiply the Z of the product by -1 if calculating the positions.

    2) An alternate tcp such as a long pointer (round aluminum stock with a bulleted nose) that screws or bolts to the tool. Teach the alternate pointer as a different tool and teach the user frames with that tool?

    3) If you can get the three positions relative to the robot, you could type those numbers into three separate position variables and use the MFRAME instruction to create the frames.

    Just spitballin'