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    Is the robot placing the part into a bender, then removing it? If so, no options needed.

    Is the robot holding the part while the bending is occurring? If so, I would use External reference Point. This is a paid Yaskawa option also known as External TCP.

    Since you are using the material handling ladder, the HAND is wired to 3040 through 3047. The HSEN is wired 2040 through 2047. You can see the bits change states in IN/OUT, either UNIVERSAL INPUT or UNIVERSAL OUTPUT. Since these are dedicated, in the jobs you use HAND x ON or OFF to actuate a valve. For an input you would use HSENS x ON or OFF. WIth the HSENS the job is asking a question is the sensor true or false. You would then get the answer from the controller with GETS B006 $B006. If B006 is a 1 the answer is YES. If B006 is a 0 the answer is NO. It is then up to you to react on the value. Maybe a JUMP *LABEL IF, RET IF, or CALL JOB: xxx IF.

    I used B006 in the GETS as an example. You can use any unused address of your liking,

    Is it possible to reduce the speed on interlock+teststar mode?

    Yes, it is possible. When in at least Management security level, go to SETUP, TEACHING CONDITIONS. At the bottom is MANUAL SPEED SELECT (TEST RUN). When this is VALID then Interlock+Test Start will run at the percentage in the boxes below based on the MANUAL SPEED Setting (L, M, H).

    Lemster68 has given you great advice. If she don't run successfully in teach, ain't gonna run in play.

    Are you wanting to do an absolute position or incremental? Either one could be done in a single position variable or three position variables.

    IMOV (using 3) Absolute

    SUB P000 P000 GETS Px000 $Px000

    SUB P001 P001 GETE D000 (1) Px000

    SUB P002 P002 ADD D000 XXXXX

    SETE P000 (1) XXX SETE P000 (1) D000

    SETE P001 (2) XXX MOVx P000 VJ/V=

    SETE P002 (3) XXX GETS Px000 $Px000

    IMOV P000 V= GETE D000 (2) Px000

    IMOV P001 V= ADD D000 XXXXX

    IMOV P002 V= SETE Px000 (2) D000

    MOVx P000 VJ/V=

    or GETS Px000 $Px000

    IMOV (using 1) GETE Px000 (3) D000

    SUB P000 P000 ADD D000 XXXX

    SETE P000 (1) XXX SETE Px000 (3) D000

    IMOV P000 V= MOVx P000 VJ/V=

    SUB P000 P000

    SETE P000 (2) XXX

    IMOV P000 V=

    SUB P000 P000

    SETE P000 (3) XXX

    IMOV P000 V=

    Couple different examples to do this. It is programming so many ways to do this. If it meets your needs and easy to follow it's good. Little messier than what I'd do. Number of lines can be reduced but the long way lets you see the thought process.

    INC I000 or any unused I variable address. INC is in the INFORM LIST under ARITH. Somehow this will need to be set back to 0. Could be the operator in at least Editing security level could type a 0 in the contents box. Or could be automated.

    Have you been able to determine if the robot isn't repeating or the part being fixtured isn't repeating?

    To check the robot create a job going to a known reference point. Run the job x many times. Look to see if the robot repeats to the same position.

    If the part isn't repeating either fix your fixtures so they repeat or look into using TouchSense or AccuFast depending on what generation robot you are using.

    What do you mean it won't let me do anything?

    Are you in Teach?

    You said you are in Management and in the user ladder.

    When you press the SELECT key what happens? The Instruction list should show up.

    Can you put the instructions in?

    Did you compile it?

    Did you verify that the address you were using as an output is not being used anywhere else?

    Do you get an error when doing any of this? If so, what error number and text?

    From the factory the tool is all 0's. Regarding the weight of 0 the controller then assumes max payload. In the Main Menu, go to ROBOT, then TOOL.

    If you see items like X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry.... Go to UTILITY in the Menu area.

    If you don't see items like X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry.... Move the cursor to the correct tool and press the SELECT key. Go to UTILITY in the Menu area.

    In the drop-down go to W. GRAV. POS. MEASURE. With servos on in Teach, press and hold the FWD key. Follow the prompts at the bottom of the screen. The robot will do a little dance.

    When done turn off servos and REGISTER.


    On a servo gun it could be the harness. The controller is not seeing an appropriate rate of change in the encoder value. The amplifier sends more current out to get it to go. Still, the controller doesn't see the rate of change and sends more current, eventually to the point the amp is maxed out.

    Since it is the same position look at the harness orientation, does it looked pinched or pulled somewhere. At that position you could have someone turn on servos in teach and someone to jiggle the crap out of the cables.

    Parameters are found in the Main Menu when in at least Management security level. Communication alarms are also RS parameters.