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    Yea they dont have any of the Sandisk OEM ones if I recall. They make custom cards that match the makeup and format of the Sandisk ones though. That looks like the right one, but I'd have to have the sandisk and their spec sheet to be sure. That gets complex real quick when looking at how sandisk created their cards. I have one on my desk that is california pc model (FCFI-32MB-3132-SD) I would get something like that, but I think the only diff is temperature ratings etc. Good luck!

    Fergunson Souza

    Buy them from California PC is the fastest. They specialize in custom cards of the type needed for this old robot model. I tried several cards from old camera shops etc. The overriding principal in whether it will work or not was if you formated the card using windows 98. That is the key for sure. I used small cards and larger cards as mentioned on this forum but had no luck until I ran the format on win 98. No problem to transfer files using windows 10 just don't reformat your card.

    I ended up finding an old laptop and booting win98 on a usb stick. The software recovery mentioned on another post seemed to do the trick to some 32mb cards we grabbed from california pc. Not just to reload the files! Thanks for the help

    Kwakisaki, I am not entirely sure other than to tell you it was software related. I checked all hardware using another box. The fanuc support was scratching their head and we decided to try the reset. Would have thought it was related to hand broken as that showed briefly in the log, but the hardware was reacting appropriately to the deadman. Hoping that it doesnt repeat, but if it does ill search for an exact root cause. Cheers

    Would it be better to use something like robodk to correlate the data from Keynce and the RJ3ib posn data? We are looking into adding some sensors for our rj3ib's and are looking for a communication protocol. kotam what did the user socket messaging run you? We are considering using labview as an intermediate for linking all the components together.

    Thanks byrol. Ended up talking with Fanuc and they helped debug the issue. Hardware ended up fine and we did an init start. Cleared out the no fault code and robot is working again. We were setting up for a new purpose anyway so no issue to lose the previous settings.

    Hey guys, we are have an rj3ib and a arcmate100ib. The teach pendant shows a fault but no alarm code. There are some yellow codes but no red ones. Is there any other spot to check for error codes other than system > Alarm > active?