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    I'm looking for the system varible for torque feedback on a DX100 controller. I know that it's PX050 on the yrc but not sure what it is on the DX100.

    I have a MH 5L robot with a DX100 controller and I can't get the robot to move straight in Cartesian coordinates. With everything zeroed out and no tcp data it wants to move at weird angles when you try and move it up and down or forward and backwards. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this? Thank you in advance.

    Just a random question here does anyone know what Timer Flags are and whet they are used for? I use timers and flags a lot and love them but I have never found a use for the Timer Flags.

    Might be a dumb question but what are Timer Flags used for? I use the Flag Variables all the time and love them but have no idea how or when to use Timer Flag Variables.

    I've been ok with Motosim. I have completed two projects now through the simulator and dumped them into the robot when it arrived and only had to touch up a couple points. Not sure about the other software out there but I've been able to completely manipulate the ladder and dump it in and it works great.

    Hes trying to only switch from an external device instead of the switch on the pendent. I was trying to do something like that with the YRC. I could get the PLC to switch the mode but I couldn't get it to start that way.

    Not really sure if its possible or if anyone has ever tried it before but we are trying to switch to teach mode while the pendent is in remote. We have been able to get the robot to switch modes and enable the servo on ready but it prohibits the servos from engaging. Is there a way to allow for teaching while the pendent is in remote or is this not possible?

    LOL that is one of the dumbest things I've heard yet from Yaskawa. They throw an alarm to have you do something then make you call them to get it removed. They are getting more and more like Fanuc everyday.

    Your probably gonna need to get the software from Yaskawa which they should give you for free and you can load it into the controller. The procedure is in the manual and pretty easy to follow. I had to load the operating software into the controller that Motoman forgot to do it on.


    Section 10 Upgrade functions.

    I had a job where the robot would get very close to a conveyor when trying to pack a part so I tied a cube to the Speed Limit input. Anytime the robot enters the cube the robot goes into the Speed Limit mode.

    They now have virtual learning where you connect remotely to their computers and they teach through Motosim. They have DX100,200 and YRC1000 I believe. The cost is the same as if you where in the classroom.

    No its active already and honestly I've always had it enabled by default since the DX100. I'm talking about the switch between Prohibit and Permit if there is a way to have it enabled to permit by default.

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