endless extern axis reset to zero position?

  • Hello,

    Would someone like to tell me how to reset the position to zero of a endless axis?

    Thanks very much!

    KUKA Conntroller : KRC4
    KSS Software : KSS8.3
    Robot Model: + E1

    KUKA Conntroller : _________<br />KSS Software : ____________ <br />Robot Model: _____________

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  • actually , I have implemented the zero resetting , but I am not sure if it works fine.

    my method : decouple the axis , assign it 0 , then couple again. BUT WHEN COUPLE BACK , THE BRAKES OF ROBOT SOUND "CLICK" ALOUD! I do not like this.

    so I would like to find others solutions for the zero resetting :hmmm:

    KUKA Conntroller : _________<br />KSS Software : ____________ <br />Robot Model: _____________

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  • my problem has not been solved yet.

    How to resetting the position 0 silently? :hmmm:


    KUKA Conntroller : _________<br />KSS Software : ____________ <br />Robot Model: _____________

  • Hello. I think you already implemented the only possible way within KRL. I also have application where i had to use external endless axis for circular welding but in my application when i will have to reset it to zero 50 years will pass until maximum vaule for E1 is reached. And then the operator will have to put robot in T1 and do dial mastering by hand.

  • I noticed a similar issue to what you mentioned(though I am not that averse to the click sound). I simply disabled brake testing on the external axis making the click(it has no load to brake against). If you need the brakes, I don't think you have any option otherwise.

    But yes, set the axis to async, decouple, set val to zero, turn off async. Works well.

  • I am trying to do this same thing, but when use the command "$ASYNC_EX_AX_DECOUPLE = 1" I get the following error. "de-/coupling not allowed for axis E1". How do I allow e1 to be decoupled?


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