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    For most of your questions answer is Yes.

    Robot integrator should pay attention to robot,its environment, safety and so on...

    I will share piece of advise:

    Don't underestimate influence of technology on difficulty level of robot integration. Even simple pick and place or palletisation can became nightmare if you ignore role of mechanics and basic physics. For example 20kg bag of charcoal and 20 kg bag of sugar, are different tasks.

    Always double check fixing robot to the ground. 2mm backlash with 2m long robot arm ends with at least 2 cm of missed position.

    Does anybody has instalation manual for KR150-1, version from 1998/99.
    Working with KRC1.
    Only thing I'm able to find is KR150-2. But it has different foot-pattern, turned 45*, and looks that holes have different distance.

    I found thing that confuse me with structures.
    With standard ones is no problem to operate.
    It's possible with aggregate {}, or with dot - to access specific part.

    But how operate with LOAD structure.
    Yes - I can write one load variable to other, or I can put aggregate with all data.
    But if I want to access to just one sub variable?
    with mass is no problem, but with Inertia or CoG? any smart trick to go over that?

    Mapping in iosys.ini will be less problem.
    I don't know how make hardware connection and how to configure network topology to the robot.
    This is why I asked for manuals or guides.

    I need help with interbus for krc1
    I was asked to instalacja io's on one krc1
    But IT has ony interbus on mfc card.
    If anybody has Electric diagram of interbus conector and/or configuration manual.

    Thanks Panic.
    After 3 hours of restarting system, loading and changing machine data, I found correct ones.
    :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:
    Some ba :censored: ard took out nameplate. So it was game guess who am I.
    But it worked.
    :dance: :dance: :dance2: :dance2: :dance: :dance: :dance2: :dance2:
    Once again thanks folks. :merci:

    Question to experts.
    Krc1, soft 2.3.24
    Should stand on exhibition. Owner want it running. Problem is that in manualna jog a3 turn in oposite way that should. And in cartesian frame doesn't follow axis.
    While running program it react corectly.

    What could couse such bahavior?

    For KRC2 I would advice to buy devicenet card for PC, for example Beckhoff has such solution. With TwinCat you can write app using C or other comp language. Exchange of signals on robot side works as simple IO, on pc side you decide, with library, what you need bool, int, real. whatever.
    For KRC4, I think similar solution but with ethercat. Possibilities should be same.

    The problem is that, this movement is circle. Witch needs two point, two different points. When those points, are two near robot is unable to calculate path.
    Your program is generated. And robot doesn't check it in any way, before executing.

    Nope. I need to change robot path with analog signal. I will have a torque sensor. Which chęci forces in two directions. I need to react on them.

    I want to się analog input to change robot path. I was thinking on usage of base or tool offset. Will it work dynamicly? Will it work in SPS or other sub?

    I'm looking for info about async movments. I know that external axis can be async. But question is, can I mąkę A6 async?
    Application on krc2 soft 5.4.

    or you can write prosedure in sps, which check date
    first of all, write it in hidden fold
    second when the procedure finds that condition are done
    you can try: chnanging $move_enable asosiation, or run program which wait for nothing, or set prog_ov to zero, or do enything else that will make usage of robot nasty or imposible
    thats depends on aplication
    remember in krc4, it's allways possible to upload another project, only if you don't pass any passwords and user got only standard acount

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