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  • Hi there,
    I'm facing the following issue. I use my kuka kr-150-2 with krc2 Ed 05 (ks 5.6.68) for milling. I generate my programs to mill 3D objects via Sprutcam and yesterday I found that within the 40k lines there were 2 lines (the coordinates of a position) duplicated, which caused the robot to stop saying "Start Poiny equal to end Point". I solved the issue commenting the line, but I wonder if there is anything I can do from the Kuka side to tell the robot to skip the second point if 2 consecutive lines are identical rather than breaking the job. Any suggestion?

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  • The problem is that, this movement is circle. Witch needs two point, two different points. When those points, are two near robot is unable to calculate path.
    Your program is generated. And robot doesn't check it in any way, before executing.

    There are no impossibles, there are only possibles waiting to be found.

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