• I found thing that confuse me with structures.
    With standard ones is no problem to operate.
    It's possible with aggregate {}, or with dot - to access specific part.

    But how operate with LOAD structure.
    Yes - I can write one load variable to other, or I can put aggregate with all data.
    But if I want to access to just one sub variable?
    with mass is no problem, but with Inertia or CoG? any smart trick to go over that?

    There are no impossibles, there are only possibles waiting to be found.

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  • [size=2]load is structure of three elements: M, CM and J.
    last two are another structure, each with more elements.
    So to access their elements you need to use another dot, for example

    LOAD_DATA[4].CM.X = 120 ; mm
    LOAD_DATA[4].CM.C = 45 ; deg
    [/size]LOAD_DATA[4].J.Y = 15 ; mm
    LOAD_DATA[4].M = 4.7 ; kg

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