Send robot status information to PC application?

  • Hi! Can someone advise how I can read/send Status window information (Robot status, errors or any outputs) from KRC4 (if possible KRC2). I am writing C# application and would like to get this information direct from robot, without PLC, through Ethernet. Thank you in advance.

  • AD
  • EthernetKRL for TCP/IP comunication
    KRmsgNET for Messages transfered to PC

    KUKA Conntroller : _________<br />KSS Software : ____________ <br />Robot Model: _____________

  • If I understand correct, you meant KUKA.Ethernet RSI XML technology package that is available from KUKA. It gives the opportunity to communicate through XML. But unfortunately it is not an option as very expensive. Anymore suggestion how I can implement the communication myself??

  • For KRC2 I would advice to buy devicenet card for PC, for example Beckhoff has such solution. With TwinCat you can write app using C or other comp language. Exchange of signals on robot side works as simple IO, on pc side you decide, with library, what you need bool, int, real. whatever.
    For KRC4, I think similar solution but with ethercat. Possibilities should be same.

    There are no impossibles, there are only possibles waiting to be found.

  • I meant exactly what I wrote.
    On robot side you declare IO's. So you have Inputs and Outputs, which you can organize into signal.
    Yes you will be able to set a signal as variable in config.dat so one bit or range of bits will have name.

    There are no impossibles, there are only possibles waiting to be found.

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