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    I have an ABB IRB6400R with S4C+ M2000 controller.

    I had to replace the main computer module, the slide out cabinet because It was showing CPU overtemperature.

    It would boot up ok but after 10 seconds it would shut down and then give this message.

    I took the unit to my workshop wwhere I have several of these systems in storage, I use these sometimes for testing.

    I fitted this module into a known good robot system, and the error followed the module. I am happy the error lies within the module.

    I have several spare computer units so I set one up to test and got it to run ok, starting up without any issues.

    Took this unit to site and fitted it into the robot and set it up and it ran fine for hours, working as you would expect.

    It then suddenly locked up, the EN light went out and the system was totally unresponsive, not showing any error, not responding to any TP buttons or the MAN-Auto Key switch.

    The STATUS and PWR indicators on the CPU board were solid green.

    After cycling the power the robot would not complete the power up. PWR indicator would illuminate green,

    after about 5-10 seconds the HDD indicator would flicker for about 2 seconds after which the STATUS indicator would flash continuously at around 1HZ.

    Teach pendant shows 'Teach Pendant Communication Lost'

    After 10 to 20 minutes there was no change. Tried restarting several times but without success.

    I had another computer module, I fitted it and set it up and it ran all day yesterdayfrom around Midday up until about 20:00 and the same thing happened.

    I also replaced the Power supply module before I fitted this computer module, just in case.

    I am puzzled. Can you give me any idea of what this could be? I would greatly appreciate any comment. Thanking you in advance.

    CPU overtemperature.

    I have it and used it last monday. You will need a hardware key to run it. You will need the key to install it. It runs fine on windows 7.

    The motor overload error is most likely the PTC connection in one of the motors.

    A physical jamming of an axis or any movement anomaly will report a servo Error.

    You can trace the PTC connections at the power cable socket at the base of the robot. C1 and C3 connection is for Axis 1. C4 and C5 is axis 2, C6 and C7 is axis 3, C8 and C9 is axis 4, C10 and C11 is axis 5 and C12 and C2 is axis 6. You should have continuity between C1 and C2 as all the PTCs are connected in series.

    The easiest way is to put it into a robot to test. If the robot powers up ok and you can jog it then the chances are the SMB is OK. I have seen some units fail on older 6000s which will give you a sync error intermittently, and once on a 6400R I saw a faulty SMB cause the robot to be unable to reach a fine point. It had me puzzled for quite a while. There was an intermittent unusual sound from the robot when this happened. Standing beside the robot while jogging it you could feel a vibration. Replacing the SMB solved the problem.

    I have a Fanuc R2000iB with a R30iA type B enclosure. The cables RM1 and RP1 were chopped off when the robot was removed.

    The plugs at the robot are standard Harting HAN type, but what I am looking for is the pin outs for the sockets that were at the ends of the cables.

    Can any of you help me with details for these? Please.

    What FTP client are you using?

    I have used the Floppy to USB unit also. Very useful because you can set up 99 floppy ids from Floppy0 to Floppy99.

    I usually but the dystem disks into Floppy1 to whatever number there are, and store the programs and parameters on Floppy0

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