ABB Linear Jogging Issue

  • Having an issue jogging in linear with multiple robots... have all motor offsets to factory specs and confirmed 0 positions at calibrations marks and rev counters updated. Both World and Tool frame is pulling to more than one direction while jogging X/Y/Z ... IE Tool moves up while also moving out of the face of the robot (Y moves with Z while jogging Z)

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  • Used robots with factory system/keystrings installed. Have never had any issues like this with any of the other arms Ive ever worked with. The jog menu does not show the drifting axis changing.

  • OK, way back in the day, there was a change to 6600's which made them type B? variants. Some of them made it out of the factory without the sticker which said type B. They jogged wrong in linear quite clearly. When we reinstalled the system with type B, all was good. I would still be very sure that the robot type indicated in the system matches the sticker on the robot. And the serial numbers match robot to controller.

  • The systems have been created with the factory controller/drive keys so I don't think it would be possible for it to have a wrong motor type configuration. Ive followed this procedure on countless arms with great success and no similar issues. All cabinet/arm numbers are matching. Thanks for the quick responses, I am trying to reply between tasks at work

  • something similar happened to me with a used robot. in the end, after various checks, we discovered that an extension had been installed on axis 4 of an incorrect size and for that reason the kinematics did not respond correctly

  • Also working with ABB tech support on this matter... they are very surprised by this behavior. According to the tech, my backup I sent them is functioning properly in the virtual machine they have built...

  • ABBs virtual robot has all the right parts that match the system. Could be some mechanical difference such as a wrong wrist or incorrect extension as Reboot suggested?

    Jog each joint a specific number of degrees in the Jog screen and see if it matches physically.

  • Also, please check that the behavior is or is not the same in world and base jogging. If it is not, then you should look into the baseframe of your moc.

    I agree with the suggestion and I would risk a system reset to remove any doubts

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