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    WV - V3.1.8_Build22

    I am looking for help to simply round corners off of a square.
    Here is the basic square I am dealing with:

    SLIN StartPoint

    SPLINE WITH $VEL = {CP .051}
    SLIN Corner1
    SLIN Corner2
    SLIN Corner3
    SLIN Corner4
    SLIN StartPoint

    Where the point "StartPoint" is on the square, halfway between "Corner4" and "Corner1"

    Up until now this program worked for cutting the square we needed by creating perfect 90degree corners at all programed points.
    The decision has been made to now put a 6.35mm radius at every corner.

    Is the only way to achieve this to add a SPL motion between each SLIN in my SPLINE block to let it approximate the turn?
    Would using a SCIRC with a start and end point on either side of the corner achieve this radius?

    Any help will be very much appreciated.

    WV - V3.1.8_Build22

    So I know in most coding the "%" operator is used to tell if there is a remainder when 2 numbers are divided. Normally I use this operation:
    Count % 2 <> 0 ; ODD
    Count % 2 == 0; EVEN

    Is there an operator like this in KRL?
    Here is an outline of what I am trying to acomplish:

    I know about variable deceleration, and currently these are all declared as INT's

    Does anybody have a way or an operation to determine if a variable value is ODD or EVEN?

    I honestly slipped up with the RESUME being in there, but the RETURN is there inside an IF statement, inside a loop that I am now dumbly realizing should be an EXIT statement.

    Removing that RESUME and changing the RETURN to an EXIT will solve the issue of the interrupt starting back on the FindSheet () line that the interrupt was triggered on?

    Thank you both for the help,

    SkyFire, I added in the recommended lines and it worked perfectly. I got confused and didnt realize the Interrupts needed to be started in the first subprogram not the main.

    Thank you again

    EDIT: So I have done this, and now the interrupts are working, but it is coming out of the interrupt at the same point in the main program which causes the robot to move in the same direction that initially triggered the interrupt.

    After the interrupt sub program has finished it moves back to " SLIN {X -3140, Y 256, Z -30, A -90, B 7.75, C -179.93} WITH $VEL.cp = .005" and keeps trying to make it to (Z -30). This is causing the robot to push the EOT through the material. I am trying to figure out how to get it to start the line after, so it will go back to the AcrylicFramePickup () main program and move away from the found object.

    Controller: KRC4
    WV: V3.1.8_Build22

    I have searched the forum's and followed what I have found here as well as what I could find in the Systems Integrator manual for programming Interrupts.
    By what I can see these 2 interrupts should work, but neither is triggered.

    We are using a vacuum sensor on $IN[82] and a Prox sensor on $IN[81].
    I have tested both of them outside of this program and they both show as working on the teach pendents I/O display.

    When I run the below program the Vacuum sensor triggers but it does not start the interrupt. I have manually triggered the Prox sensor to show true by placing an object infront of it and it doesnt trigger its interrupt either

    Any help anyone can provide me would be very much appreciated

    Sorry to reopen this.
    I used the exact setup given by Panic Mode (Realized I needed the Z to change, not the X)

    All this does right now is loop the same set of points 8 times. The Z (depth of tool) is not changing at all.

    Is there some other procedure that I am missing, or something else I need to change in order to change the Base_Date on the go like this?

    Thank you

    KRC4 KR600 R2830
    Work Visual 3.1.7

    Hi all, I cant seem to find the answer to this, so I figured I would try posting.
    Below I have a loop, setup to run 8 times then it will exit the While statement.

    I am wondering if it is possible to run the first loop, the for each loop after to change the position X position of the tool by 50mm with respect to the looping depth that was just completed.

    I want to keep the same patter on motion, but simply be 50mm off in the X direction.

    If somebody can help me out or point me in the correct direction in respect to what documentation I need to read up on, that would be very helpful.

    Thank you

    I am running a KRC4 8.3.8

    I have followed the wiring diagram for the x11 plug, found here…ka-robots/krc4-x11-13942/

    All the pins in the x11 are jumped, except the pins for External E-stop (1,2 and 19,20). My external estop is setup on these pins.

    I am running in AUT mode. When I hit the estop button the robot stops and the controller recognizes that the button was pressed. But when I release the estop I cant find a way to clear the message on the controller. It seems as if the controller doesn't recognize that the estop has been released.

    I can provide more information if needed.

    Thank you for any help

    Sorry for the delay.

    So I am able to get the xmltransmit.src to run on its own now, and able to use it to change a global variable, but I attempted to embed it into the sps.sub. When I then tried to turn the Interpreter on I receive the error that ("$ACC_xxx" in the bas.src file is not writable). Have I overlooked something in the EKI manual here?

    I am stuck on this, because I got the xmltransmit.src to run on its own, but not in the sps.sub

    Again, sorry for the delay and thank you for the help.

    So I have been looking through old a recent posts, and cant seem to find the answer.

    I have a KRC4 that we are trying to setup to run in Auto External and change specific variables.
    We have the EthernetKRL option package installed and running. I have successfully loaded the EthernetKRL_Server.exe onto my PC, and moved the XML example files to the correct spots on the KRC4.
    I can run XMLTransmit.src on the controller and get it to output the values in the EthernetKRL_Server on the PC.

    I am wondering if it is possible to do the reverse, change the XML code for XMLTansmit.xml/XMLTransmit.src (Currently sending back some random/fake sensor data) to send back varibles to be changed.
    In particular, I am looking to change the PGNO value so I can choose different programs form the Cell.src.

    Would it be be beneficial to call the XMLTansmit.src in the sps.sub?

    Any help to this issue would be very much appreciated. Thank you

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