Telling if Odd or Even

  • KRC4
    WV - V3.1.8_Build22

    So I know in most coding the "%" operator is used to tell if there is a remainder when 2 numbers are divided. Normally I use this operation:
    Count % 2 <> 0 ; ODD
    Count % 2 == 0; EVEN

    Is there an operator like this in KRL?
    Here is an outline of what I am trying to acomplish:

    I know about variable deceleration, and currently these are all declared as INT's

    Does anybody have a way or an operation to determine if a variable value is ODD or EVEN?

  • or just do what you suggested yourselves

    DEFFCT BOOL Even(N:in)
      DECL INT N
      RETURN (N B_AND 1)==0

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