KRC4 SPLINE approximations

  • KRC4
    WV - V3.1.8_Build22

    I am looking for help to simply round corners off of a square.
    Here is the basic square I am dealing with:

    SLIN StartPoint

    SPLINE WITH $VEL = {CP .051}
    SLIN Corner1
    SLIN Corner2
    SLIN Corner3
    SLIN Corner4
    SLIN StartPoint

    Where the point "StartPoint" is on the square, halfway between "Corner4" and "Corner1"

    Up until now this program worked for cutting the square we needed by creating perfect 90degree corners at all programed points.
    The decision has been made to now put a 6.35mm radius at every corner.

    Is the only way to achieve this to add a SPL motion between each SLIN in my SPLINE block to let it approximate the turn?
    Would using a SCIRC with a start and end point on either side of the corner achieve this radius?

    Any help will be very much appreciated.

  • in my opinion using SPLs inside the spline block is the preferred way to do it, but not the only one.

    Adding CIRCs at the corner also needs adding SPLs between the SLINs and SCIRCs because otherwise the robot would have to stop at the transition point between SLIN and SCIRC, so no gain here.

    You could also use nodal spline in combination with a fitting approximation radius
    to get what you want. But this solution often leads to greater cycle times. So not an Option for me as well.


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