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    Hello All,

    In my system R30iA/M910 Material Handling stamping line robot i got three times in each 15days a SRVO-065 BLAL Alarm as i noticed earlier (before batteries dead) immediately replaced it. also whenever replace new batteries measured it's voltage which was 1.6V+ DC (as recommended) also using only recommended Duracell make LR20/D Type of battery only.

    Have checked this both thread on this issues but still issue not resolved?

    I Curious about it is a battery fault or a cables? as battery box and it's cover having no any issues.

    Can anyone please share Wiring diagram of R30iA Manipulator's Battery box to Controller/Servo Amplifier or This Cable's details. (Battery backup to Servo Amplifier or else)

    Thanks in advance. :)


    After replacement of 6-Axis servo amplifier card to both Master/Slave Robot controller Series-R30iA of Manipulator- M900iA-200P there are occurred serval errors as below...

    SRVO:056 FSSB Com error 2 (G:1 A:1,2,4,5)

    SRVO:068 DTERR Alarm (G:1 A:3)

    SRVO:069 CRCERR Alarm G:1 A:3)

    SRVO:0365 DCS FB_CMP Alarm

    SRVO:062 BZAL Alarm....Batteries replaced



    Now we are installing Fanuc M900iA/200P Controller-30iA Fanuc robots to our stamping line. we have same stamping line which was installed 10years back.

    we are facing Soft axis limit error as we tried to set axis values as per old line robots of same? in this only 7th axis value taken but basic 06axis value can't get changed...

    Can you please suggest the same....Variable etc

    Please see my replies next to your comment(s)

    1. Remove the power plug from the amplifier for that servo....will check this as soon as we got machine spare for work by production.

    2. Check resistance between W and V, W and U, U and V. It should be very close to 0 ohms if it is not then disconnect the power cable from the servo motor and check again. If it is ok after disconnecting from the motor then your motor is bad. If it remains a high resistance reading the cable is bad. ....will check this as soon as we got machine spare for work by production.

    3. Do you have a spare encoder cap or encoder cable from another robot that you could swap it with to see if either one or the other will fix it?.... Yes we've one complete robot in spare.

    4. Check the ground straps inside the robot cabinet to ensure they are tight. done.

    5. I would think if the servo motor was bad then you'd get more than just communications error on the encoder. Things like SRVO-045 HCAL. This is just my personal experience though. ....Once this alarm occurred but getting reset & not repeated again yet.


    We are facing SRVO-068 DTERR /069- CRCERR /071-SPHAL (Group:01 Axis:06) ALARM of Serial Pulse coder data Transmission/Reception malfunctioning during auto run on Fanuc M900iA/200P of Stamping Line.
    At problem Temporarily if we power cycle the robot & speed reduced up to 80% it will run smoothly but ours line SPM is getting down majorly due to this.
    This alarm is occurring to any of programs which having speed up to 100%. We’ve checked for this & work done as below but still problem is there…
    1. 6’th Axis Encoder Condition-Visually ; Encoder & Encoder Connector connection retightened.
    2. 6’th Axis Encoder to RP1/RP2 Robot Interconnection Cable checked for physical condition.
    3. RP1/RP2 Robot (Base side) Connector to Servo Amplifier CRF8 Connector Cable & Both end connector’s physical condition checked & retightening done.

    as per my study according to this alarm on forum I've checked for above. now my question is that of what will be the my next steps?
    1. Pulsecoder Replacement
    2. 6’th Axis Encoder to RP1/RP2 Robot Interconnection Cable replace
    3. RP1/RP2 Robot (Base side) Connector to Servo Amplifier CRF8 Connector Cable replace.

    right? :help:


    I want to calculate cycle time for Material Handling Robot(M900iA) movement's of 03nos.

    1.Robot Waiting for Part Pick by Machine no.01(outside from light curtain) TO Robot out from Machine no.01 by taking Part. (came outside
    from light curtain)
    2.Robot out from Machine no.01 by taking Part TO Robot Waiting for Part Drop into machine no.02 (robot is outside from machine no.02
    & is at outside from light curtain)
    3.Robot Waiting for Part Drop into machine no.02 (robot is outside from machine no.02 & is at outside from light curtain) TO Robot
    cameout by partdrop in machine no.02 (ROBOT IS OUT OF LIGHT CURTAIN OF MACHINE NO.02)

    In Simple Language....
    1.Robot Pick pounce TO Robot Part Clear
    2.Robot Part Clear TO Robot Drop Sneak
    3.Robot Drop Sneak TO Robot Drop Clear

    Note: 03 registers & 03 Timer's need to use for this.

    Can you please suggest the suitable LOGIC or BG LOGIC for this! :help:

    Just now I had same problem of SRVO-068 DTERR Alarm on my R30iA/M900 Robot which is installed at Stamping line. In my case just because of irregular/spiral turns/get deformed bear when Part pickup from Destacker Belt & Robot speed was high @4500-5500mm/sec & ACC found beyond 100.
    So,I Minimised this speed & ACC of the problem occured movements & now I'm monitoring....will reply if this helps otherwise will think for Pulsecoder cable change. :backtotopic:

    in this nothing to do by an admin. every member from here need to take care of this as if someone helps you, you must just reply with :merci: ...that's it!
    if not in time laterby but not to forget this.
    Admin's are the Gem who manage us & have kept all of us from worldwide under one platform.
    :merci: admins!

    After Long R&D....Fine tuning of we are able to Run @95% for some programme(s) i.e. which have horizontal clear access. (X/Y Direction) :applaus:
    But for those which have very irregular shaped parts & Robot movements still problem is there! :mad:
    now we are consantrating on Programmes fine tunning & Movements also found no any fault by Robot side i.e.Electrical etc
    also while PM(preventive Maintenance) we found that Exhaust fan's mounted on robot servo motor was heavily oily-dusty due to oil leakage drops init while movement in press also the contoller heat sink & fans was dusty-cleaned up.
    still in observation!

    Thanks all of you for your Help! :merci:

    djogf412.... Yes now we are running at upto 85% Speed only for these Prg which occurs this fault.
    Racermike123.... This Problem is with only to some programme(s) or we can say only when speed increased to 100%.
    @jjessup- Thanks for detailing of this! :merci:

    By the way....We did all the Fine tunning of Programme & Speed decrease inside the Programme means for only to that movements etc but problem remain same! :mad:

    As soon i get the pic i will upload the same to Quick understand of this issue!