SRVO-068 DTERR Alarm on R-30iA controller

  • :help: , i have a R-30ia controller and M710iC 20L manipulator, y usually get the srvo-068 alarm, the robot just stop and i have to turn it off to clear the alarm, sometimes the alarm its on axe 5 and sometime on axe 6, and sometimes its combined with srvo-057 fssb disconnect alarm. I checked the cables and they look good, i checked continuity, clean the conector on axe 5, but the problem still. :icon_confused:, replace the cables is hard, and im from Venezuela :waffen100:, initially i think it could be the encoder because usually the robot stop in the same possitions (its not a rule), but i dont know why i have the alarm on two axes sometimes, so i dont think 2 encoders can be damaged at the same time , sometimes i have the alarm in just one, and sometimes on two or combined with the srvo-057.


    Any idea?? , please help me!!

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  • Hi, Pal..

    If the robot stop is at the same position, probably your problem is the cable, is hard, i know, but its fast to replace... so, if you don't have the spare part, you need to take out the cable, check all cable (connection, isolation, wires, etc)... otherwise check the stress and bending of cable in that position, sometimes is broken inside, or connections are loose.

    In strange cases, I changed the connection from control to mechanical unit, because the cable is broken inside, why?... because sometimes they have stress on the connection and routing, in some cases there is extreme enviroment.

    I hope that help you to solve the problem, anyway be patient.

  • Hi there, I would think with the FSSB DISC error you need to unplug and check for dirt/debris in the fiber optic cable running from the CPU to the amplifier. Any communications disruption would indeed be cause to cease motion and issue an amplifier error. May not be fully seated in its plug also have seen that one.

  • Fanuc had a problem with the solder on the pulse coders. It was a lead free solder and it "grew" whiskers on the solder joints, causing a short circuit and unpredictable pulse coder errors. This also can cause the FSSB error.
    This seems like it may be your problem.
    Only R30iA models were affected as I recall.
    Fanuc's recommendation was to replace all of the pulse coders.
    You should replace the axis 5 and 6 pulse coders first and if it fixes your problem I suggest you replace them all.
    I will look to see if I have more info on this.

  • Just now I had same problem of SRVO-068 DTERR Alarm on my R30iA/M900 Robot which is installed at Stamping line. In my case just because of irregular/spiral turns/get deformed bear when Part pickup from Destacker Belt & Robot speed was high @4500-5500mm/sec & ACC found beyond 100.
    So,I Minimised this speed & ACC of the problem occured movements & now I'm monitoring....will reply if this helps otherwise will think for Pulsecoder cable change. :backtotopic:

  • In this case, after observation we found that particular axis encoder cable connector problem so replaced it & now it is running properly. :cheer:

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