KRC2 drives contactor status signal/output

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for an output signal (or better a system variable) that can be read

    to obtain the "drives status" or the drives contactor on/off signal,

    equivalent to the green "I" on the pendant that stands for "Drives ready";

    $DRIVES_ON tricked me to think to read it, but it is obviously only an input used in Automatic External mode.

    (I'm using the robot in T1, T2 or AUTO)

    I need to use it to drive an external device, so I'm thinking of routing it to an output in SPS.SUB

    Anyone knows something about that?

    Thank you

  • I remember a few threads discussing "simuate EXT (kind of)" without a plc using inputs (buttons) and outputs (even with examples).

    Check your I/O configuration for $IN[1025] for true and $IN[1026] for false (these numbers needs to be replaced by real input numbers).

    Also check the documentation for EXT

    Search yourself while I will search my docs to find the link (this forum - mybe EN or DE)

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