Considering Software update from v8.10 to v9.30, risks?

  • Hello friends,

    I don't have any immediate problem, but am posting to seek some insight on a line upgrade in the near future.

    I've heard we have around 1 week of day shift downtime (~40 hours) to implement a couple new cells that an existing robot will interact with, adding a double gripper and 8 new part types with all different sizes/weights.

    The existing robot is a M-20iA/10L, with an R-30iB controller running v8.10P /30 software. Another company had previously programmed this robot ~10 years ago and the code is messy, but I'm in the process of cleaning up the code and adding in the new functionality the robot will need.

    The robot is communicating with a PLC through CC-link, and has basic DCS, motion package, and a Safe I/O kit.

    My intention was to simplify the existing programs by utilizing background logic and IF-THEN statements, but I realized that IF-THEN isn't available in v8.10 software.

    So my question is, considering the details above is it recommended/worth it to update the software version from 8.10 to 9.3 (or any version where IF-THEN is available).

    I've done software updates before but only jumping 1 or 2 versions... not one as large as this.

    If anyone can provide some insight on possible risks or things to consider for such a large software update, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,


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  • Consider the while loop. Older robots have this but not the new ones. I’m looking at a problem that would work great with a while loop but I have to use the if then statement on the 9.3 software. Works basically the same but you can’t stack multiple bits on the same while so you could use multiple whiles in succession with the same condition and different outputs.

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