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    I don't really think anyone actually knows the potential problems that could occur from a minor revision upgrade, because nobody really does it (including some Fanuc techs). I've transferred files (with the exception of sysvars and some other .sv files) between major revisions without issues. I've also upgraded a multiarm ArcTool cell from 8.0 to 8.3 because of issues with coordinated motion. I never had any issues, but nobody wants to take on that liability either. This is just my opinion.

    HandlingTool manual explains that you can go between minor revisions 8.10 to 8.20 for example. I would take an image first (auto update does preform an image prior but I have heard that this has crashed on people before), then preform the auto update. Never heard of .TP's not transferring. They can be translated between any major revision or xxTool software as far as I am aware.

    I've tried to invert a bit for ref pos in the past. I recall this function not behaving as I expected; the controller ignored the bit inversion when assigned to ref pos. Can you confirm that it works?

    I've integrated many dial tables at different customer sites which usually are 1. A motion axis part of the controller (Fanuc servomotor) 2. Have DCS Spd/Chk option. That being said, we have always incorporated 2 DCS CPC's for the dial; one 'not stop' for monitoring and one 'Stop Cat 1' which is disabling.

    It really depends on your hardware. If it is not a Fanuc servo, I've always found some way to use a reference position (even if it is simply to monitor J1). Sometimes, if I'm lucky, the customer has ordered Space Chk Fnct. and I use that.

    I would like to run payload identification, but I have fairly large effector and very small cell. It can be executed only in AUTO, but I want to test it in T1 first with limited speed, since I don't know what kind of motions I can expect. Is that possible?

    You can use the "move to" function under detail to move between position 1 and position 2.

    But it will be much easier to set/control the speed. And as far as I know, speed is a important parameter for welding. Without coordinated motion you only can set percentages of maximum speed, but with coordinaten motion you can set the linear speed in mm/s.

    Definitely an important parameter. Defining a relationship between positioner origin and TCP would give you a better control over the process, so I understand the desire to use coordinated. I don't usually get these luxuries as an integrator.

    Lots of things get easier when you pay for them ;).

    It depends on your setup. I'm going to assume your positioner is setup as a separate group. Based on what you described above; create a motion program with group 1 & 2, position the welding torch in the desired orientation, arc on instruction, then rotate the positioner without moving robot.

    You likely don't need the coordinated motion option.

    So if I took Image Backup from the existing robot which is the same as a new one, and load to the cabinet everything should be ok.

    In theory, yes, but like I said, best to get core from Fanuc if you have the option. There are going to be files like mastering and torque values that are going to be specific to each robot which need to be replaced. I don't know what they all are but SYSMAST.SV is definitely one of them.