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    What is meaning of PULSE,0.5sec ? if i increase the time will the weld contractor will be still live of that particular sec after the welding portion is completed ?

    DO:701 will turn on for .5 sec, then turn off. This is just a handshake. Changing (t=5.2s) in the weld instruction will change the weld time.

    Fronius weld equipment option with the E/IP scanner uses GI/GO when using the Fronius library. This as been since R-30iA V7.30. You must change this from general purpose equipment at controlled start. The Fronius library will automatically setup your I/O based on amount of welders/robot arms that are connected to the controller.

    Could other I/O configuration (interconnects, system config, etc.) be writing to those digital outputs? I've had this issue on multigroup cells before. Maybe try using flags instead.

    If speed is > 200 mm/s, override goes to 5%.

    Why can't you use T1? It will limit to 250 mm/s, which is much greater than weld speed for any application I've ever seen. Your DCS logic is essentally doing the same thing, unless you're welding at a ridiculous speed greater that 250 mm/s?

    Am I missing something?

    I have setup Fronius Weld Equipment Option on R-30iA, it should be similar. The software automatically maps the required I/O at controlled start based on how many arms are connected to the controller. I would not recommend manually mapping I/O unless you are familiar with the signals that are required by the Fronius.

    Not sure what you mean by "can't get anything else to work"... provide more information. To switch the operation mode (Job Mode -> Synergic), you need to change that under the process select in the weld schedule.


    What does your code look like?

    You are correct; the FOLLOW UP instruction will make the robot assume its current position is the taught position, once the external force is removed.

    Load the backdate.dt file from the previous robot into Roboguide and it will tell you which options are loaded.

    Your work angle (assuming 45°) looks pretty good as your weld looks evenly distributed between both parts. Try a greater travel angle (10-15°) push, which should turn out to be a cleaner weld like the end.

    HOLD is not a stop type that can be configured with DCS. It is a UI signal that can change state from an external device like a PLC or when pressed on the pendant. The 'Controlled Stop' Cat. 1 is basically the same, except servo power is turned off after deceleration.

    I would suggest either Space Interference Check or a DCS CPC zone, with the DCS signal mapped to an NSI (SPC & DCS are both paid options). Not sure how else to do it if you want to add points, but also be at a specific point to trigger a signal.. You can also increase # of ref. pos.

    This only works on R-30iA & R30iB, it will NOT work on R-30iB+ (OS error fault). Hopefully will save someone like myself some frustrating troubleshooting hours...

    Sometimes I get this error if I keep RG opened for a few days; a restart usually fixes it for me..

    As a temporary (and probably better solution), could you use the 'Logic Simulation Assistant'? I/O simulation is more flexible and saves per program. Under 'Test-Run' tab.

    When I am verifying path, I will run the first few inches to verify the size of the weave, then return to the start in step. Skip the weave instruction, and fwd execute to the next motion point. Also, if you fwd execute a weld instruction, it will play at weld speed. If you then bwk execute, fwd execute again, it will play at 100% speed in T1, ignoring the weld speed. Two ways I do it.

    Correct, it will run at the schedule speed. I find this more flexible as well. I have tested using (x)inch/min and WELD_SPEED in Roboguide. When I ran 4000in/min, it did not weave. When I ran WELD_SPEED at 2000mm/sec, it executed the weave instruction (this would be at full speed).

    If you use WELD_SPEED instead of a defined motion speed using weld schedules, it will weave even at robot max speed (2000 mm/sec for arcMate). Regardless, you will never be welding at that high of a speed while arc welding, unless you are looking to put arc strikes and a bunch of spaghetti all over your parts.