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    Not sure on CRX, but the other Collaborative robots come with a CD disk. It is the robots force sensor calibration data and you have to manually load it or you have a Brick.

    Procedure is in the collaborative manual, but I have this

    You will need to execute the calibration file for that robot; it should be labelled “” and can be found on that CD. Move the file to the root directory of a USB drive and execute the file via the Enter key.

    Go into MENU/SYSTEM/DCS/Safe I/O connect.

    Delete everything in there. That is the safety setup for DCS

    Go into MENU/ SYSTEM/CONFIG about line 7 and set "Enable UI Signals" to false.

    My guess is this robot was created in Roboguide.

    It creates some default I/O, particuarly the Analog I/O

    So, write down the config of your DI/DO that is valid, then go MENU, I/O, select I/O device.

    F5 is CLR_ASG (clear asingment). Press F5, answer Yes, and then cyle power. it will get rid of your bogus asignments.

    I find it easier than manually looking for all the stuff thats bogus.

    Then enter your good configurations

    I worked for many years in Class 100 clean rooms prior to doing Fanuc robots.

    Nothing gets introduced into a clean room. I would say you probably shouldn't use it as you might introduce contaminates, such as robot grease/oil.

    Can you post a picture of the tool, I'm not downloading any Zip files.

    It sounds like your tool is mounted with a rotation due to the toolchanger.

    Teach your 3 point, then go into direct entry, and add your angle to align your tool as desired

    Yes, if you had logging enabled and a (logging path) device in the robot, that will put the robot right to it's knees.

    Fabian is also correct, explicit messaging will bog things, and lock the teach pendant up. We tie them to a "flasher" bit set up in the PLC to do a 1 second flash on indicator lights or Stacklights.

    No, I don't think you can. I even tried the PALOAD[0] command and that says the same thing.

    But you could set to an un-used payload which would be the same.


    If you don't mind, how do you lock out the +% and -% keys?

    I have also looked at the variable $MCR.$GENOVERRIDE and compared to a R[…:speed].

    This way I can allow them to speed it up but never go slower than the register (speed is critical to the cycle time).

    Or let them slow it down with the +% and -% keys but never go faster than the register (no need for speed, very long cycle times)

    And one more use, long cycle time machining, I will move slow through picking and prepping a part for load or placing the finished part. Then have a very high speed for machine unload/load (which determines machine thru-put)

    Yes, things are different.

    When I do them, I have the robot in Roboguide. Have the page loaded into the robot

    Do a backup AOA

    Open the STM that is in My Workcells, that robot, and work with it there.

    Then you can do-copy very easily and see what it will look like in the robot.

    It's a pain, but.....

    you should also set "Abort all programs by CSTOPi" to true

    "Failed to run task" means it wasn't reset when you tried to start. You Need a delay there.

    I also noticed you have PNS setup. Do you need it? If you can decide what to do in your "Main" program you can eliminate all the PNS stuff and UI6 Start works fine.

    CSTOPi, Reset, and then Start