KRC Windows Passwords

  • Copied from this post: Re: Transferring Stored Data Points to External Computer

    These are the factory default passwords for access to Windows on a KRC. This is distinct from the KUKA User Groups. These are the passwords you would use if, for example, attempting to access network shares on the robot from a remote computer.

    Note the KSS version -- which credentials you use will depend on your robot's KSS version. This password list spans KSS 5.x through 8.3.

    • WinXPe 1.0 User name = Administrator Password = KUKA

    • WinXPe 1.1 (VKSS 5.4) User name = Administrator Password = KUKA

    • WinXPe 2.0 (KSS 5.2, KSS 5.3, KSS 5.4, KSS 5.5, KSS 5.6 and KSS 7.0) User name = Administrator Password = KUKA

    • WinXPe 2.2 (from KSS 5.2.19 Build85 HF03, KSS 5.5 and KSS 5.6) User name = Administrator Password = kukarobxpe2

    • WinXpe 3.0 (KSS 8.0, KSS 8.1, KSS 8.2) User name = Administrator Password = 68kuka1secpw59

    • WES7 4.0 (KSS 8.3) User name = KukaUser Password = 68kuka1secpw59

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  • Does anyone know the windows password for the newer KRC4 KSS 8.6.8? I tried the KSS 8.3 info but it was not accepted.

    this worked for me on 8.3, 8.5, 8.6 and 8.7

    are you sure you are using correct user name and typed it all correctly?

    Is this robot new, fresh from KUKA? Or has it been in someone else's hands? It's possible that a previous owner changed the default Windows password.

    But I have to agree with Panic -- the KSS 8.3 login credentials have worked on every KRC I've used through KSS 8.6, to date.

  • Thanks for sharing the default passwords for accessing Windows on a KRC. It's always good to have this information handy in case you need it. I'm glad that you mentioned the KSS version, as it's important to use the right credentials depending on the robot's version. I can imagine it would be frustrating to try to access network shares on the robot from a remote computer, only to find out that the password you're using is incorrect.

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