KUKA Remote Monitoring

  • I have a KR360 with KRC2 ed5. I am sending the robot to a remote facility and I want to monitor the operation of the robot (working hours, programs … ). Is there any software that I can use for that? I don't need to control the robot but mostly care about how much time it is working and what it is doing during that time.

  • What KSS version?

    I think KUKA used to offer a Remote Support option for KSS 5.x, but I never used it. On older KRC2s, I'm pretty sure it involved installing a dial-up modem :icon_eek:. But an ed2005 shouldn't need one.

    Instead of trying to connect a robot to the internet (a Win98 machine with no security patches? :away:), you might be better off setting up a computer on-site that can "read" data from the KRC2 and then make that available remotely -- something an IT guy could do, without needing much KUKA-specific knowledge.

    KSS 5.x usually had a basic "status" web page that would be returned if you pointed a plain web browser at the robot's IP address. That might provide the information you need.

    Or, you could make the robot's C: drive readable (not writeable) from the network, and have your computer periodically pull the contents of certain .DAT files and transcribe those contents into an email or a web page, or something. The downside here is that, when the robot is running, the C: drive only updates every... 10 minutes? So there's a bit of a lag, but if you're only concerned with data on a daily or weekly interval, that should be a pretty minor issue.

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