Job Selection via PLC on a DX200 Controller

  • Hello RF Yaskawans...

    Robot: MH-50

    Controller: DX200

    FieldBus: Siemens Profinet

    Safety Fieldbus: DX200 FSU interface (no safe ethernet)

    Traditionally trained KUKA robot integrator/programmer, making the hop over and getting some experience integrating PLCs with Yaskawa's DX200 robot controller and a Siemens S7-1500 PLC. Planning on using the FSU board on the DX200 for safety monitoring (e-stops, doors), along with some axis monitoring due to the tight space we've got the robot installed. Pretty standard fare for a robot integration project.

    So, the question is related to job selection with Yaskawa robots. I've familiarized myself with the INFORM language (similar to KRL, since they both operate w/ a VxWorks RTOS), but I'm not quite certain how the PLC interface is expected to work with these robots, and have yet to find good documentation that talks about the process.

    For example, with KUKA, this is mainly accomplished with the CELL.SRC file along with a submit interpreter (cyclic background program) that acts as a listener for the PLC. Once jobs get dispatched from the PLC, they get passed into the CELL.src file and triggers a SWITCH-CASE, ultimately controlling the job selection. I'm looking at around 50 to 100 jobs for this particular application, so I need to get a firm understanding on how INFORM / Yaskawa robots manage these signals. I'm more asking how the Yaskawa manages the cyclic scanning of incoming bits from the PLC, less so HOW those bits are mapped.

    After configuring the PLC / mapping your I/Os (setup two DINTs for my 64 PLC-to-Robot input/output booleans, along with a handful of other ints for robot tools, bases, and program numbers), my limited understanding is:

    1. Change the robot over to "Remote" mode

    2. Start the "scanning" program and scan for program numbers. Accept a program number once dispatched by the PLC

    3. Select the correct program based on a SWITCH-CASE, execute subroutine (is it a JUMP case with Yaskawa?)

    4. Execute, and report program status (zones clear, gripper states, etc) via ProfiNET.

    Found this RF link, would love some more information in parallel to this. Potentially from Yaskawa's page, not sure what this would be under.

    Switch case instruction

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Yaskawa robots use ladder as kuka use submit. So ladder is cyclic and you can do a lot of stuff with it. Also in ladder you can define "input groups" in order to receive let's say program number.

    Yaskawa also has, switch case... Check if your input language is set to expanded. If it already is expanded and "switch" does not appear you need to contact local yaskawa representative in order to enable function parameter for it.

    Forwarding some signal can also be set in ladder.

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