KRC1 Device Net configuration

  • Hello guys!

    I’m trying to configure devicenet with MFC board on KUKA KRC1 KSS V2.3.34 SP08. But I could not find the devnet.INI Archive so I can configure macid, I only found iosys.INI, in init. Do you guys have ideia if the archive has the same name in KRC1 (Devnet.ini) or the is another way to configure macid?

    Thank you!

  • AD
  • You could try making the file and populating it, see if you get any errors. My KRC2 DeviceNet-enabled controllers use a devicenet card rather than the MFC board, but they still have the default configuration file C:\KRC\ROBOTER\INIT\devnet.ini. I have copied the file below. I think this format is also laid out in the DeviceNet manual. I make no claims as the the validity of any of these numbers, it's just an example.

  • Lemster68

    Changed the title of the thread from “KRC1 Device Net configurariam” to “KRC1 Device Net configuration”.

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