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    Hello Panic Mode, thank you very much for your response;

    Can you explain how to do a backlash on the KRC2 robot? There is a way to see it via software like on the KRC4 with “check mastering”?

    Check mastering is the same thing as the backlash?

    Or can you send me and exemple of a document that has that explanation?

    Hello Panic Mode,

    Thank you for your reply! So what happens if we don't use a EDS on the CCU? We're using KSS 8.2.25 and 8.3.39.

    Hello guys!

    Quick question, what is the function of the EDS on the KRC4 standard? We have one EDS, on the RDC, and there's a missing one on the CCU. Why does the robot does not accuses a failure because of this missing EDS? What happens if we don't have them both? Or don't have them at all?

    Thank you!

    Hello guys I have a KUKA KRC4 Standard, KR 16 L8 arc HW, that is missing some of the servo motors (cause we sold them), and I wonder if it's possible to use only 1 axis to enable the movement. Are there some kind of confuguration on KUKA WorkVisual to make this possible or something like this?

    Thank you!

    Hello Panic mode

    SmartPad Art N: 00-168-334 (Not the original, the older version);
    KSS: 8.5.8;

    The Smartpad was working fine. Then we needed the SSD for a test in another robot, we turned of the robot, and took the SSD. After the tests, another technician, turned the robot on without SSD, and the Smartpad was on "Waiting for cyclic connection", what is normal, cause its without SSD obviously. After turning the robot off again, putting the SSD back in place, and turning the robot on, the Smartpad got on the KUKA orange screen. We changed the Smartpad and the HMI was loaded.

    The info I passed on the previous post, another KUKA technicians passed to me, and I was seaking to understand all of that.

    Thanks again!

    Hello fellas,

    I have a KUKA Smartpad that does not load the HMI, it freezes on the orange kuka smart. On the mainboard there are 3 LEDs, If 2 leds are flashing, the software has corrupted.

    If you there are more unlit LEDs, it means that you have more current problems, right? Has anyone experienced the same thing? And another thing is that there is a programable chip causing the problem, and the only way to solve it, is take this chip from other SmartPad (same version) and clone it. Does some one have already tried do it?

    What can be the cause to damage this chip?


    Hello guys! One of my clients has a KUKA STD with KSS 8.3.6 and he changed the password to log on Expert mode, but the man forgot the password. We still have acess to Administrator and the other user groups. Question is, there is a way to change all passwords back to "kuka" using Administrator?

    Thank you!

    Hello guys, another quick question, we have a KUKA KRC2 and I just wanted to know why these KPS600 equipments have differences on the X123, one of them has a cable connected, and the other has a jump?

    Hello! Quick question, I'm having a little problem with a robot from a client, they had to exchange the KPC cause the mainboard was in failure. But the cooler connection from the "new" KPC is directly on the mainboard, X962 remains disconnected, causing KSS12019 "Speed of PC fan below alarm threshold". So they putted another cooler for X962, question is, if they disconnect the cooler from the mainbord, is it going to get them another error? Thanks

    Hello guys! Can I replace the original kuka ram memory 2G (see photo attached) for a 4G memory with the same specifications and manufacturer?(see photo attached) Or is it going to occur a memory failure?