Signal mapping 24v output

  • Hello guys, i am trying to map signals on this board to send them further to a PLC:

    If I put 24V on the input side the signal is detected by the robot, but i can not get the card to output 24V.

    Maybe I am mapping the signals wrong - I am using RACK 0 SLOT 1 for both I/0 (nothing else works)

    EDIT: The robot is mapped correctly, BUT the output voltage is 0.5!

    Is there any conventional way (without transistors) to switch a contactor with 0.5 volts?

    FANUC R-30iA - Board model 1761998 - A1

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  • First, what controller version is this?

    Second, do you have the manual for this board? It might be running NPN outputs, which sink current instead of the traditional PNP output which sources current and will show +24V when on. A NPN output will have a path to ground when on, and be floating when off.

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  • So, i found a solution (kid of)

    I don't know much electronics so technical data might be wrong - but it works.

    The outputs are NPN so if I apply 24 volts -to the output- and I turn on the signal I can close the circuit and turn on a lightbulb connected in series.

    If we replace the lightbulb with a rellay this can act as a switch for a 24v signal connected to the PLC.

    I hope you understand what I mean with my limited electrical knowledge

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