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  • Hello,

    I'm trying to conntect TIA14 (with S7-1500 by PLCSIM) with Roboguide. I have alredy connection by Kepware OPC and it's working. But I can't simulate UI and this is the main problem beacuse it's impossible to start robot by PLC now.

    Could somebody help?

    Best regards.

  • To clarify, are you talking about simulating the User Operator Panel (UOP) IO, meaning the IMSTP, HOLD, RESET, etc signals?

    If so, you can map those inputs and outputs to Digital signals, then simulate and set the Digital signals (which will then toggle the UOP bits.

    To do so, navigate to Menu -> IO -> UOP, select Inputs or Outputs using the F3[IN/OUT] button, then hit F2[CONFIG]. Decide which Digital signals you want to map to the corresponding UOP bits, and copy the settings from your Digital signal mapping to the UOP mapping. Restart the controller to ensure the IO changes are applied, then you should be able to simulate/set the Digital IO and change the corresponding UOP IO.

    For example, if your Digital Input signal looks like this (just an example using Ethernet IP signals):


    You could map your UOP Inputs signals like this:


    This will map all 18 of your standard UOP inputs to Digital Inputs 1 to 18. You'll probably have to map the IO points according to your specific setup. For the specific UOP mappings and what each signal does and how it can be used, see the HandlingTool manual (or the corresponding software manual for whichever FANUC software your robot is using) or contact FANUC for the appropriate documentation.

  • Yes, I mean UOP signals.

    Thank you very much for your help, simulating OUTPUT signals works well.

    However, what about UOP INPUT? E.g. Simulation DI[6] does not affect the state change, eg UI[6]

  • I apologize, I forgot an important step (Mondays, am I right?).

    If you need an INPUT signal to be on all the time/toggled on and off, you can instead map the signal to a flag and turn that flag on/off in a program or manually (not simulate). This will allow you to essentially force inputs (which you normally would not be allowed to do), but exercise caution as you're no longer looking at a 24 volt signal and instead telling the robot what that signal should be.

    On your UOP Input Config screen, all you should have to do is change the rack number in the previous examples from Rack 89 (Ethernet) to Rack 34 (Flags). Reboot the controller, than you should be able to use the flag to toggle the UOP bits for testing.

    I've noted that the RSR/PNS signals don't seem to toggle in this way and the only four that can be manually changed are the Cycle Stop, Fault Reset, Start (pulsed), and Home signals, with the IMSTP, HOLD, SFSPD, and ENABLE signals being held on.

  • I am having the same issue, I mapped the UI to the DI signals and still I am unable to toggle PNS bits. Is there some way to achieve this?

    I am using the r641 robot interface option.

  • I have tested this with RG V9 Rev. J, and I can switch UOP IN by I/O Panel (menu - Tools).

    It does not have something to do with the rack number, important is that the UOP IN are assigned, and that usually depends on the installed communication option (for example Rack 89 for Ethernet/IP, Rack 99, 100, 101 and 102 for ProfiNet). Also possible Rack 0, Slot 0 (for internal memory) and others (expl. Rack 34 for flags).

    Also I tested external I/O connection to a real robot, and it works also.
    Just UI *Hold and Enbl will allways be on and can not switched by either options.

    • Helpful

    The Fanuc support found a solution for this issue

    At first they found that same issue as I did: Most UOP-input signals like RSR1/PNS1/STYLE1, PNS2,...,PNS8, PROD_START, PNS_Strobe, can not be set from an interface that is mapped to the same Rack/Slot/Start. In my case, I want to control the UOP-input/UI signals through the r641 `robot interface` option, which is possible by mapping UOP-input/UI and Digital-input/DI to the Rack 0, Slot 0, Start 1 (aka memport). This bug was confirmed in Roboguide 8.3 Rev. M and version 9. This is really annoying, because it works on the actual robot controller (r30ib in my case).

    There is a workaround.

    Menu>I/O settings (rack, slot, start):

    - `UI[1-18] 0 0 101` to control program flow, PNS etc.

    - `DO[1-80] 0 0 1` to control UI signals through "Tools>External IO Connections"

    - `UO[1-20] 0 0 201` to read state

    - `DI[1-80] 0 0 201` to read state

    In Roboguide "Tools>External IO Connections":

    This way the DO control the UOP-inputs/UI.

    I can confirm that this allows the r641 robot interface interface to control the fanuc robot in simulator.

    Unfortunately, the I/O config can not be used on the actual robot, there, the DO and UI signals need to be mapped to the same range (starting at Rack 0, Slot 0, Start 1).

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