Can't connect from my laptop to robot controller

  • Hi,

    We've run an Ethernet line to the controller (R30-iB MATE) and setup Host Communication as follow:

    Port#1 IP addr: (Static ip given by IT)

    Subnet Mask: (again from the IT)

    There's no router used. The line goes from the Ethernet switch to the robot controller.

    However I can not ping the robot. IT are asking me to put the gateway address but I don't see a space for it.

    Ethernet Port Status for Port #1 shows:

    Link State: 100/Full

    TX count: 3

    RX count: 1243

    Collisions: 0

    Storm count: 0

    What am I missing?



  • Are you sure your laptop is on the same network as port 1 and not port 2? Your laptop is using the same 3 nodes as the robot and the last node is not used by any other device (ex.

    I believe 'router IP' is used for gateway, but I never set this.

  • Thanks for replay guys, Here's more info:

    My laptop's I/P is 10.7.71.**

    Robot's I/P is 10.7.114.**

    Is this an issue?

    I also put the gateway address into Router I/P spot on the controller.

    Still can't connect.


  • Yes. You would need to change the subnet mask on both to

    If your mask is on the last octect is allowed to change without going through the gateway/router.

  • Tried changing subnet mask on the robot to This didn't make a difference.

    However, I noticed that with my original settings I CAN access a different device on the network the robot is in so it's not the mask.

    My laptop's I/P is 10.7.71.**

    Temperature probe I/P is

    ...and I can access the temperature probe not problem even with both masks at

  • ...The difference is the temperature probe has DHCP disabled and gateway entered - two items I don't know where to set on the robot.

  • - The Router IP is the Gateway. As I3ooI3oo already said, a gateway is only needed to send data to a network outside the subnet mask.

    - The robot does not use DHCP.

    - If there are two Ethernet ports on the robot, they cannot be configured both on the same subnet.

    - After the Host Comm setting changes, they must be initialized by the NEXT>>[F3]INIT or by the robot reboot.

    - Straight cable to be used with the switch and cross-link cable for direct PC-to-robot connection (the latter unless the PC automatically detects the cable type, typical for modern PC).

    - The subnet mask must be matching on the robot and the PC.

    - And finally, when you succeed pinging the robot, what do you expect to see further on the PC?

    I doubt the web-interface will be accessible unless there is the Internet Connectivity option installed.

  • Thanks Sergei for clearing up few things.

    I'm hoping to connect to the web interface to look at error logs as well as backup files from my desk.

    I'm going to check if I have Internet Connectivity installed.



  • I would still make sure you have the Ethernet cable plugged into the correct port. On the mate controllers the ports are not labeled in a way that is very easy to read. I have seen this be the cause of the issue many times, and it only takes about 1 minute to try the other port and verify.

    The R-30ib Mate controller should not require any special software options to have access to the web server.

  • Look at the gateway on the temp probe, take that and put it as the gateway on the robot that should solve your issue.

    As a network engineer I can tell you that there are thousands of ways to setup a network. Your network could be using vlans. It could be segmented. The switches could be managed and only allowing traffic to specific ports.

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