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    Tried changing subnet mask on the robot to This didn't make a difference.

    However, I noticed that with my original settings I CAN access a different device on the network the robot is in so it's not the mask.

    My laptop's I/P is 10.7.71.**

    Temperature probe I/P is

    ...and I can access the temperature probe not problem even with both masks at


    We've run an Ethernet line to the controller (R30-iB MATE) and setup Host Communication as follow:

    Port#1 IP addr: (Static ip given by IT)

    Subnet Mask: (again from the IT)

    There's no router used. The line goes from the Ethernet switch to the robot controller.

    However I can not ping the robot. IT are asking me to put the gateway address but I don't see a space for it.

    Ethernet Port Status for Port #1 shows:

    Link State: 100/Full

    TX count: 3

    RX count: 1243

    Collisions: 0

    Storm count: 0

    What am I missing?



    All I did is:

    1. create my page using MENU - BROWSER - PANEL WIZARD

    and .stm page is created and shows up under the BROWSER menu

    2. opened my page using MENU - BROWSER - MyPage

    Then you can create other pages and link them to each other using Button Change control

    I did not have to set variables or copy files to FR.

    hope this helps


    Wow, finally got it.

    ... AND ...(((...)))AND)))...)

    If anyone else has a similar problem, you just have to cursor to the '...' or '(' that you want to delete and press F4 CHOICE.
    Only then a soft key F2 DELETE appears. Press it to get rid of unwanted instruction or place holder.

    All that time when pressing CHOICE I was looking at the popup menu and wasn't paying attention to the soft keys.


    I started to modify my WAIT statement and ended up with some garbage at the end of it that I have no idea how to get rid of.

    Basically I want something like:

    WAIT ( (DI[101] AND DI[102] AND DI[103]) OR (DI[104] AND DI[105) )

    but somehow I ended up with:

    WAIT ( (DI[101] AND DI[102] AND DI[103]) OR (DI[104] AND DI[105) ... AND ...(((...)))AND)))...)

    Now, my actual WAIT statement is much longer than the example above that's why I don't want to re-type it if I don't have to.

    The question is, how can I delete the garbage from the end?


    Here's a response from FANUC:

    "It is not possible to restart the controller from the teach pendant with the Mate controller. There should be a set of contacts on the estop board for external on/off for remote access."



    Robot : CR7 (collaborative)
    Control: 30iB Mate

    I'd like to be able to restart the controller from the TP using FNCT button, however in this particular controller (30iB Mate) or setup I don't see the option.

    The only option related under the FNCT menu I see is 8.START MODE where I can select what happens on the next boot.

    I'm guessing this needs to be enabled on my system.
    How do I this?


    Hope you can help me with this.

    I'm setting up a collaborative robot and need to use two different force settings.
    - Limit1: 50N for regular moves
    - Limit2: 150N for fixture moves

    Those settings can be changed in DCS menu by the use of a disabling input. Basically you set two limits and use an input to disable one of them.

    I’ve been reading the collaborative robot operator’s manual but it talks about using Safe I/O Connect option which I don’t have.

    Is there another way to setup a disabling input for one of the limits?
    I see option for SIR and other safe I/O but I’m not sure how to turn them On/Off in the program.


    Working in Roboguide and every time I restart the controller, I'm getting:
    SYST-007 Network is the MASTER device and the $MTR_REMOTE defaults to 2.

    I found out that for my setup to work (using Fanuc Panel Wizard option) $MTR_REMOTE needs to be 0

    Is this variable changing on power up because I'm working in Roboguide?


    Just got the Panel Wizard [option R594], and have quickly setup some buttons in ROBOGUIDE. See attachment.

    However I’m not sure how to attach the functionality to the buttons.

    I would like to know how to:
    • Start & Stop the robot (only 1 program will be used, eq. MAIN - Program Select OTHER, $shell_wrk.$cust_name = MAIN)
    • Reset Faults
    • Increment/Decrement a register using +/- buttons

    Any help will be appreciated.