Jt1 System Axis Limits

  • I've had a search for this, but to no avail.

    Using Roboguide, I am creating a sim using a M20iA-12L Manipulator on a R-30iB Controller.

    During the initial setup phase in Roboguide, I get the opportunity to set Jt1 axis limits to either -/+ 170 deg or -/+185 deg.

    My question now lies with a real world robot.

    1. Does a real world robot, first time power up give me this option/same options Roboguide does (I haven't had the pleasure of unboxing a fresh new system yet).

    2. If I select the -/+ 170 deg on Jt1, can I later change this to -/+185 deg, and if so how.

    3. Can I reinitiate this 'startup' at any time.

    4. Do the above come under the various 'cold and warm start' functions by any chance (This just came into my mind whilst writing this).

    Any guidance towards this in terms of possibility, how, or a pointer to a specific manual I need to read would be very much appreciated.

    *** Edit since posting ***

    Hmmmmmm…...I think I have found that majority of my answers in Roboguide and the System variables:


    - 1





    I am now going to do some testing in these areas with file download, modification and reload within Roboguide and I think this will yield my answers.

    If you have any other information regarding this, shorter way, alternative solutions, then please post, it would be very much appreciated.

    A word of warning, playing around in these areas could result in serious damage/injuries as I assume any adjustment outside of specifications may result with incorrect kinematics being applied resulting in unexpected motions and collisions/damage/injury.

    I am only looking at operating within the manipulator specification settings as outlined by Fanuc for the model intended.

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    1. Those options will appear after doing an initial system software load. Many people choose to pay Fanuc to install the software, so they are already taken care of.

    2, 3, & 4. To change these settings at any time: perform a controlled start, then MENU>Maintenance and then F4 for MANUAL

  • It asks you this question after you do the all software installation on a new robot. Generally you would do the software installation on the first power up.

    You must select the option that corresponds to what you have purchased. If you purchased the standard robot then select +/-170 degrees. If you purchased the robot with extended J1 range, then select +/-185 degrees.

    Fanuc does this so they can load the same software with several different physical configurations.

  • Cheers for this...……

    The reason I ask this is I came across a client who used an integrator who never carried out any form of simulation/layout and just installed everything.

    Only to discover reach was a problem and then they unbolted the plinth and rotated it into a position where they could reach...…this robot was at -/+ 170 deg, the reachable area required was at 175 degrees.

    The additional physical rotation of the plinth, even though it's not by much is aesthetically such an eyesore.

    I am sure this could have been resolved by the Jt1 working envelope as outlined in the model specifications without the need of plinth relocation.

    Puts the term 'reach study' ahead of 'installation' ahead of the queue any day of the week and twice on Sunday in my opinion.

    I like to explore all possibilities within a software environment prior to commitment to install and this includes the specification as outlined by the manufacturer and if it says it on the specs, then it should be able to achieve it.

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