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  • Matthew,

    Just about the only time I find it worth it to bring up the on-screen keyboard is when entering System variable names or occasional commenting. With most other things being less than 16 characters I find it much quicker to use the 10 key letter entry. This is probably because I learned on the legacy pendant, and still work on plenty of rj-3/r30i-A equipment. Plus you can use the ten-key while wearing gloves.

    If I am starting a new project, I use the comment tool and FEXCEL to do the heavy lifting. I also rough out most of my TP programs and their comments in notepad ++ or in iRProgrammer.

    TLDR; I try to avoid entering any text on the teach pendant, but if I have to, I find the keypad to be faster.

  • So interesting, my students (this younger generation) can't stand 10 key. But I see you're point. So I officially revise my suggestion to make it so that you can make 10 key or keyboard the default. Also agree that typing most of the comments using the ipendant tools on newer systems is preferred over all others generally speaking.

  • I prefer to use the function keys as well for typing in comments when it's too much of a hassle to hookup via the web server. I've never liked the on-screen keyboard and will only use it if I have to for specific characters. I'll usually resort to just plugging in a USB keyboard before doing that though, I really do despise the onscreen keyboard.

  • I use a mixture of both myself along with entering in via USB Keyboard plugged into the iPendant or plugged ethernet into the controller.

    Final verdict: If the Keyboard was easier to use 80% of the time (no miss hits, slow response time, etc.) I would also advise making keyboard a default option to choose.

    Until the keyboard loads faster and is a better user experience, leave it as is. Plus using the function keys is great for editing quick small details. Don't forget Shift + Right Cursor deletes!

    Lastly, shortcuts people...they're not bad to learn and they're easy to replicate once you get the muscle memory down. ENTER, UP, F5! BOOM and VOILA! INSTANT-O KEYBOARD-O!

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