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    They can be assigned locally on the robot as digital signals, there in rack 36.

    Sp1- slot1, spo-2, ssi-3, sso-4, sir-5, cpc-6, csc-7, jpc-8, jsc-9, csi-10, cso-11, ccl-12, ccr-13, rpi-14, rpo-15, fsi-16, fso-17, sli-18, slo-19.

    We typically use safe io connect to make them csi or cso signals to pass them over CIP, to the PLC

    I just tried this, but it does not work for me. Because this is for feature recognition, not for the picking part. The feature that IRvision needs to recognize in my case is a triangle and picking place is below it. So I need the orientation to be recognized and picking place located. What I do not need - that the robot would turn according to rotation of the part.

    That most probably will be related to position registers, but I still cannot figure out how to use them.

    In other words from vision part I need to transfer to pick and place just the x and y coordinates, but not the rotation.

    Here are some manipulations I don't fully understand what you need. These are PR[interger,Joint] manipulations. You may need to change representation of the PR to joint if Cartesian doesn't work for your needs

    move values from a PR to a register R[X]=PR[i,j]

    repopulate values from register to a PR Pr[i,j]=R[Y]

    Transfer values from other PR's PR[i,j]=Pr[i,j]

    Maybe remove access to the edit screen until logged in, or add several redundant checks and timeout loops with in the check program so it can be done with a single line skip

    You can delete the motors out of the group in controlled start. Without reinstalling core software with the personality you want you will not be able to remove the axis modules to my knowledge.

    Digital angle finders are great for quick master J2-6 and get you almost perfect. J1 use a dial indicator. After moving them you can use single axis master and with the indicator change master position to the last known position. Either write down the joint position or take a back up before disconnecting, summary DG will have the joint position in it. Always check zero after if not mastering at zero.

    You will have to controlled start the robot, cycle power while holding previous and next. Wait for the configuration menu to pop up, then select 3 for controlled start this will take a minute to open. once in controlled start it will be in the arctool setup menu scroll down and change the number of weld schedules should be 8 or so in the list. if you need to login its on the 2nd page of menus. Function 1 for cold start to start the robot normally once you made your changes. this is on an R30ia it should be the same on the RJ3ic.

    Condition monitor or Bg logic would suit this well but I need a way to identify when an arc start fail or lost detect occurs. Needing a way to identify specific errors outside of error output so when said error occurs i can trigger an output. Variable or a setting i have overlooked? Outside of karel because i have zero experience with it.

    I am looking for a way to monitor certain arc faults then use a singular output to notify the PLC, to prevent excessive resetting. Is there a variable for active errors that I could write into a BG logic program or something I am missing in the weld equipment setup? I looked into the error output option, it is excessive for what I'm after.

    You appear to have the option to monitor not navigate. You just need the ipendant controls software its available on the CRC webpage

    If you have an e-stop unit I would replace it. if not pull it and inspect the contactors behind the board one is stuck closed you might be able to free it for a bit but it will need replaced.

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