Backup image of KRC HDD

  • Hi folks,

    I've been asked to create a full image backup of two of our Kuka robots PCs. I intend to do this with Clonezilla which I'm very familiar with and I'm led to believe to do the Kuka PCs is pretty much the same.

    What I'm not sure about is that there is no external monitor or keyboard but there is a handheld Kuka Control Panel (KCP). There does appear to be a slot for an external monitor as well as keyboard and mouse ports. Should I be using the KCP or just plug in external peripherals to make things easier?

    Also, how do I go about rebooting the PC to allow me to boot from the live CD?


  • The KCP has windows on it. Plug a monitor into the DVI on the control PC to see that.

    As for rebooting control PC:
    You can just switch cabinet off (wait for it all to go off) then switch back on again
    you can logon as expert 'menu > Configuration > User Group' select 'expert', password: usually 'kuka'; Then go to 'Menu > shutdown' and reboot control PC from there.

    Assuming that this is a KRC4 (also works on KRC2 ed05); the easiest (not the cheapest) way to create an image of the controller is to use a KUKA Image stick

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  • I wouldn't create the image locally on the KRC, I'd extract the hard drive and plug it in as a slave into a PC.
    That's how I do it. Also, as a note, use dd, not diskpart, to create the image. Diskpart can create an irrecoverable image, or even fail completely.

  • hey

    I'm so new in robot things but I wanna a backup image from my controller: KRC1

    how can I do it?

    I have just HDD, my floppy reader and my cd-writer doesn't work

    anyone help me I tankful

  • Something like one of these:…kb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU=

    NOTE: Not an endorsement! I just grabbed an example at random. It's been so long since I needed one, what I used to use isn't on the market anymore.

    As for software: I always had good luck with CloneZilla, although some people caution against using that with KRCs. Norton Ghost always worked well on KRC1s, but I'm not sure they sell that anymore. I've heard good things about Acronis, but haven't used it myself.

    Whatever you use, you want to ensure you make a complete hard drive image, not just copy the files. A full image will be the only way to completely recover the KRC's Windows installation.

  • The one SkyFire showed looks very good. For the KRC 1 I would expect that 3.5 HDD is used. This one needs external voltage supply (which is part of the suggested adapter)

    When I bougth mine (a different type) they told me a newer version would be available (but this one did not have the external power connector anymore ans so it was useless for me)

  • any software that can create full HDD image.

    KUKA uses special bootable USB stick for that (KUKA.USB Recovery).



    for KRC2 that also means means motherboard is able to boot from USB, has at least 512MB RAM and you have external keyboard connected to KRC. no special requirements exist for KRC4.

    short of that, the best option is to connect HDD as an external drive to a computer that has suitable software. this guarantees that there is no lock on some file in use.

    if you are linux fan, lookup dd command (careful here with parameters)…image-of-your-hard-drive/

    also there are hardware disk duplication devices such as

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    3) read 1 and 2

  • Dear Sirs,

    as a linux fan I would like to do a backup using the dd command. For this purpose I want to boot the KRC4 from usb stick with a linux life version. Unfortunately the KRC4 BIOS does not let me change the boot device. When entering the BIOS configuration gui, my privileges are "user".

    How can I switch to "admin" privileges?

    Maybe there is even a commonly known password for "admin"?

    Has anybody been successfull booting KRC4 from a different boot device?

    Thanks for your effort.

  • I want to boot the KRC4 from usb stick with a linux life version.

    As Hermann said, KRC4 cannot be booted from USB except for the KUKA KSR USB stick.

    On KRC2s, it was possible to create a Boot CD-ROM and do hard drive images that way.

    With KRC4s, the only method I'm aware of, aside from the KSR stick, is to physically remove the hard drive and use a SATA<>USB adapter to clone the drive on a 3rd-party computer.

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