Problem transfering project from Robot to PC

  • Hello.

    I am using WorkVisual V4.0.21_Build0126.
    Robot KS V8.3.88

    I open WorkVisual on my computer and browse for cells.
    I detect my Robot and browse to the project i want to upload.
    I press open and I get the following message:

    An unknown error occured while downloading project "InitialProject" from "500122 - (": Could not find a part out of the path

    The last part of the message is translated from my native language.

    My PC has static IP.
    Ping and browse for robot works.

    What could be the error any suggestions?

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  • I found that if my PC was running Windows 10, it would be able to ping the robot just fine, but I could not connect.
    I had to dig up an old PC running Windows 7, and with the exact same setting it connections with no issue now.

  • I have Windows 7 x64.

    Do I really need DHCP? I couldn't find the robot with wv when I didn't have a static IP.. But good idea with firewalls I will try to disable that tomorrow and the antivirus to hopefully that does the trick.

    Is the d drive shared standard?

    The cabinet is a krc4 compact. Forget to mention that.

  • Compact does change it a bit. One of the ports is the service port, which has a DHCP server, and you need to obtain an IP automatically. The other is the KLI which usually needs a static IP in the range that the KLI is setup to (default KLI IP is

    Unfortunately, I don't have the documentation in front of me for the compact, but on the full size the service port is X45, and X66 is the KLI (if routed outside the controller, it's not always)

  • Three RJ45 ports..

    X66 is the so called KLI -- I can get a connection to robot by setting static IP.
    X69 is the Service Interface. -- I can get a connection to robot with DHCP activated.
    X65 is the Extension Interface.

    I have deactivated Anti Virus and firewall no difference -- I can browse for the robot in workvisual, I can look at online diagnostics etc from Workvisual.
    I can make a archive from the robot to the PC from workvisual.

    But I still cannot open a project in the robot from workvisual. It starts downloading to PC and when it gets to 100% I get that unknown error mentioned earlier.
    Could it be an incompatible version of workvisual if the project was created in an earlier version? I dont know what version the guy before me used.. I have to dig deeper into that.

  • you can open projects created on earlier versions but not the other way round; so if you have the latest WoV you should be good.

    You could get the project from an archive C\KRC\User\ProjectRoot\'name of project'. Try opening this and re-deploying to the robot maybe?

  • I have the latest wv.

    Yeah I have to resort to using USB stick drag and drop the projects from the robot and then open them up in the PC. Or maybe I can share the D drive of robot so I can browse it from my PC

    Hopefully the project transfer works when I have made my changes..

  • there is no point in transferring initial project... you need working project (or at least base project).

    once you setup working network connection (as confirmed with ping) you will have no problem transferring working project. if the robot is not found when you hit Refresh, WoV is scanning wrong subnet. in that case click on magnifier and enter robot ip manually.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • I'm getting exactly the same issue also Build 126. I have 3 laptops with windows 10 installed and only one seems to work. Does anyone have a solution?

  • solution is to read manual and instal WoV on machine with supported OS. Win8 and Win10 are not supported. some people claim to have it working on machines running newer OS but i would not set my hopes too high...

  • I've worked with WoV inside Win10 (and WinXP) with no problems.

    But, as panic mode pointed, best procedure is run the software with recommended OS.

    I try to maintain some virtual machines around, to handle different WoV needs.

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