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    Three RJ45 ports..

    X66 is the so called KLI -- I can get a connection to robot by setting static IP.
    X69 is the Service Interface. -- I can get a connection to robot with DHCP activated.
    X65 is the Extension Interface.

    I have deactivated Anti Virus and firewall no difference -- I can browse for the robot in workvisual, I can look at online diagnostics etc from Workvisual.
    I can make a archive from the robot to the PC from workvisual.

    But I still cannot open a project in the robot from workvisual. It starts downloading to PC and when it gets to 100% I get that unknown error mentioned earlier.
    Could it be an incompatible version of workvisual if the project was created in an earlier version? I dont know what version the guy before me used.. I have to dig deeper into that.

    I have Windows 7 x64.

    Do I really need DHCP? I couldn't find the robot with wv when I didn't have a static IP.. But good idea with firewalls I will try to disable that tomorrow and the antivirus to hopefully that does the trick.

    Is the d drive shared standard?

    The cabinet is a krc4 compact. Forget to mention that.


    I am using WorkVisual V4.0.21_Build0126.
    Robot KS V8.3.88

    I open WorkVisual on my computer and browse for cells.
    I detect my Robot and browse to the project i want to upload.
    I press open and I get the following message:

    An unknown error occured while downloading project "InitialProject" from "500122 - (": Could not find a part out of the path

    The last part of the message is translated from my native language.

    My PC has static IP.
    Ping and browse for robot works.

    What could be the error any suggestions?

    Great. My life just got so much easier..

    Yes the advance run I need to print out the document which instructions stop the advance run so I don't forget to handle those cases.

    Thank you all.


    Not clear on what you are trying to do here. Is this supposed to be a loop? Or are you placing this SWITCH statement inside of a loop that's not visible in these examples?

    Yes in a loop. Sorry for incomplete examples just trying to explain the concept of what I wanted to do. (English isn't my native language either so having a hard time explaining).

    This is a good example of a state machine design:
    And I want to use a tecnique like this to implement my robot programs. As this is what I am used to compared to flowcharts. The Case switch would be an easy approach if there isn't any disadvantages having the robot program inside a case statement inside a loop.

    The question in short is- I want to place my robot program inside a case statement inside a loop when certain transition conditions are met I change my state and execute another "choice" in the case. Are there any disadvantages to this approach?

    So if there isn't any disadvantages doing something like my example for an easy state machine I would be glad.
    The state machine should always be executed until the program is done, the state machine could call subprogram containing state machines in them as well.
    A little better Example of code: (Please disregard syntax errors and only see this as a concept example)

    Hope this clears things up a bit if not I should do a complete example with state diagram and code to show clearly what I mean.

    I have a question..

    New to robots and used to program other things I have a certain way to structure my programs..
    Usually I do my non robot programs as a state machine for example (Siemens SCL language below):

    I was thinking about structuring my robot program something like this (Please disregard the faulty syntax)

    I dont se why it wouldn't be possible but is there any flaws or disadvantages doing a robot program this way.
    I will refresh my memory with some manuals later but i thought you pros had some suggestions.

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