loose old programms with a new axle calibration?

  • i made axle calibration on vk 360 vrs1 and the old programms doesn t work. every point is in wrong position. is it normal or i did something wrong when i calibrate the axles? the robot works fine i made some new programs and everything is fine. but i can t run the old programms

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  • there isn t any error. i do calibration of all axles and everything is ok. but the old programm is running out of points. hit on the material and things like that. the old program was made from someone else not from me. my programms works fine. i start to suspect that he did the wrong calibration and his programm is write for the calibration that he did but not for the calibration on the correct points( zero points of every axle that i did).

    thanks for your time

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  • Your description usually fits to wrong $TOOL and $BASE.

    Is $config.dat changed?
    Do you have an archive before remastering?
    Did you compare the cal file before mastering with the calfile after mastering?


  • Fluke is 100% right.

    There are different ways to make the calibration, but when you calibrate one axis the reference point for the axis can change. Always depending on the methodology used, but even with the calibration tool from KUKA it can change.

    Robots use single turn resolvers to know the inclination of each of their axes and a lap counter to know how many turns each axis have done.

    When you calibrate one axis you are telling the robot that the calibration position it's the new home for that axis, therefore you are affecting all the programs. OF course it can happen that you can't appreciate the change as the previous calibration and the new one would be identical, but this is only one possibility. Given your explanations, you've remastered one axis and now the programs are not ok anymore. You can do several things:

    - Recalibrate the axis until everything goes back to normal.
    - Use an advanced mathematical software to recalculate all your points.
    - Re-touch-up all the points in the old programs.

    Last two options only if you are certain that your new calibration is better than the old one.

    To calibrate the robot axis you should definitely use the KUKA specific device.

    Good luck!

  • Fubini sorry but i m very new to the robot world and i don t know what is " $config.dat " . yes my archive was made before the new calibration.was made 3 years ago. and never work in the middle. so everything was off. and the memory battery also.

    Joan Murt i have the kuka device for calibrarion. i made the calibration on every axle exactly on the zero point. and my programs work even if i do calibration again and again. something else , the program that doesn t work is not just wrong . it s very very wrong. i m very away for the points that i sould to be. far away. and even if i m new learner i can t i,agine how is ti so far away. that s the reasonn that i consider if i missed something.

    thank you for your time
    all of you

  • wrong tool and base setup will move the robot to wrong positions. order of things on any kuka robot is:
    - power up
    - wire safety
    - master
    - teach tool and base
    - write programs
    - test programs
    - run

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Do you know old physical home position? If you know old home position then you can check now. If there is physical difference, axis calibrations are wrong. I dont know which one (old calibration or new calibration). If you are sure about new calibration then you must offset old programs.. it is not so hard ;)

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  • i made the robot work only when i did the new calibrarion.before the robot could work at all.i don t know if there were another way.so i don t know anything about the old programms or the home position.however the retraction seems to be in a normal position with the new calibration(i mean it doesn t heat anywhere). i think i made correct calibration.every axle in the zero point exactly. the tool calibration with a for point programm and now i stuck in the base calibration. i don t know if i understand goog but isn t it a stable point near the robot?and i must teach that point as base?i can do it only with coordinates?is there any other way?


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