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    I have a SEPRO 7X-100 XL with Visual3 that I have ordered the modbusTCP option to.

    I'm neither a specialist on modbusTCP or SEPRO so I have asked SEPRO about a configuration guide. But they don't seem to have one.

    Does anyone out there have experience of setting up a modbusTCP connection on a SEPRO or, even better, a configuration guide to share?

    It didn't go so well... My device has a GSDML with revision 2.32 and is not recognized by PROFINET Configurator ( stops at 2.31!! ).

    Do you know any other program that could create the configuration file? TIA Portal?

    That kind human being was a technician from ABB 4 years ago before I was working there. He didn't leave any .bcp file. I guess I'll have to redo it from scratch.

    One last question. Is it always possible to go back to the old PROFINET config by loading the old IPPNIO.XML or do I need to restore the system from a back-up?

    Thanks !

    You just saved my day !

    It wasn't in the 6.13 bundle but I found it in 6.05.

    A follow up question. I'm worried about breaking the current configuration. I suppose I need to import the current ippnio.xml into the PROFINET configurator and add my device ? Do you know where I can find a user guide? I don't have time to play around and I would like to get it right from the beginning.

    Thanks again !


    I have a robot IRB6650 with an IRC5 robotware 6.06. The robot has the option 888-2 PROFINET Controller/Device and has a CI502 bus module with a DX581 profisafe module.

    I need to add a PROFINET device to it. Neither working with ABB robots nor configuring PROFINET is something I do everyday. When looking at the I/O Configurator in RobotStudio it looks straight forward to do. However, in the Application manual, PROFINET Controller/Device, 3HAC065546-001 it is written that the I/O configuration can not be used with my version of RobotWare.

    For RobotWare 6.08and previous, to be able to configure the PROFINET controller,
    an external PROFINET configuration tool is needed. There are two different versions
    available: PROFINET-IO Configurator Express and PROFINET-IO Configurator
    Professional. Supplied in the RobotWare distribution package is the Express

    I can not find any PROFINET-IO configurator. Nowhere!

    The robot is in full time production on another site and to have access to it is hard. I need to be sure to not mess anything up once I start.

    Could someone give me a hint on how to proceed? What software could I use and it would be great with an instruction list.

    EthernetIP and other protocols are a breeze compare to configure PROFINET ;(

    It sounds like you are trying to do so in the pendant. Connect with robotstudio to change or save module off, and then edit it with a text editor. Make Backups first!

    You are correct. I'm using the pendant (I'm a FANUC guy after all ;)

    I will try to connect with robot studio next time I'm in that factory (I travel around to several plants)

    I suggest researching the NOSTEPIN command of that line. If I recall, that is a way to kind of "Hide" the data it is referring to. It will tell it is running the code but not display it, in your case it looks like it is hiding it from you. I believe you can change that attribute of the SYSMODULE, and hopefully then be able to read and write to it.

    Good luck!

    That's a good guess. From what I can read in the documentation it shouldn't stop me from editing the module. But it is the best idea so far.



    I have a an ABB 6650 with IRC5 controller. Robot runs in production since a few years in a cell that makes several different products.

    I want to add a new product. Adding a program module with the trajectory and all that works fine. But, there is part of the menu system that is in a system module.

    The change I want to do is really small. I want to add the product name in an array of text strings that is used by the menu.

    For some reason unknown to me (not necessarily a surprise as I mostly work with FANUC robots), I can not edit the system module.

    The module is declared as:


    Any ideas or things I should check would be very much appreciated.

    Status update.

    I'm not in the factory but a technician checked the MAN1/MAN2 signals and MAN1 is missing in MANUAL mode.

    Thanks Dudz!

    I clearly didn't read the event logs good enough. There is an error message for this problem. (once again, sorry for the French)

    E Sécurité 90241 Conflit de mode de fonctionnement 2022-01-20 16:48:56 Il y a un conflit entre le mode de fonctionnement sélectionné dans le sélecteur de mode de la face avant de l'armoire de commande et le mode réel détecté par le calculateur des axes. {args: }

    take a look on this thread, the problem is look almost the same

    That is very similar indeed. Thanks !

    I have the operator panel deported and when we had electricians doing work a few weeks back they managed to break the Ethernet cable. Perhaps they got a few wires in the other one too.

    Would that be the security signals AUTO1/AUTO2, MAN1/MAN2, MANFS1/MANFS2? And in your case, MAN1 or MAN2 was missing?

    doesnt look like a safe move problems.

    actually its looks like as inputs open in the safety circuit, but you said is all ok

    Maybe the switch auto/manual is your issue

    I don't have much ABB experience, I work almost only with FANUC. But I agree.

    And yes, it does seem like an open safety circuit but they seem all OK.

    I have changed some stuff. I have removed a light curtain that was in the chain that was connected together with two ports on the AS input. I'll add that to the question. I get the same problem with the two ports. Anyway, I went over the electrics several times and the inputs AS1/AS2 seem to work fine. That's why I'm a bit lost :|

    and ES (external stop) ,if working with external PLC take a look and on SS(superior stop)

    No, it is a standalone robot - no PLC.

    ES seem OK. SS is shunted since delivery.

    you have SafeMove?

    I do. I just added a comment about it. I actually expanded the safeZone for the working area a few months ago. Expanded it a few decimetre.


    I have a robot that doesn't want to move in Manual mode with the door open.

    Everything works fine in AUTO and I'm able to move the robot in MANUAL with the door closed. But as quick as I open the door, I can no longer move the robot.

    The door is wired to the AUTO STOP (AS). I have verified that the security input goes from 1 to 0 on AS 1 and AS 2 when opening the port.

    When opening the port in manual I get this message (Sorry for the French)


    Arrêt provoqué par une protection

    2022-01-20 16:49:43

    Le système est dans l’état Arrêt provoqué par une protection. Le système s’arrête après être passé du mode automatique au mode manuel, soit après l’ouverture du circuit Moteurs en marche déclenchée par un arrêt d’urgence, un arrêt général, un arrêt automatique ou un arrêt supérieur ou si la gâchette de validation a été relâchée en mode manuel. {args: }

    I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here and I would love a hint on how to trouble shoot this problem.

    I have a :


    IRC5 with robotware

    EDIT 1

    I'm not sure when this problem occurred. But I did expanded the working area safeZone a few months back. But I fail to see how that could have any impact.

    EDIT 2

    I have changed some stuff. I have removed a light curtain that was in the chain that was connected together with two ports on the AS input. I get the same problem with the two ports. Anyway, I went over the electrics several times and the inputs AS1/AS2 seem to work fine.

    Idec has RF1V Force Guided Relays that have 2NO & 2NC contacts. RF1V-2A2BL-D24

    Thanks ! That would do the trick.

    I start to wonder if I read the norms in the wrong way. Perhaps connect each security input channel to one NC on each relay but then I would have a SRVO-230 Chain 1 abnormal / SRVO-231 Chain 2 abnormal instead of SRVO-484 Safe I/O consistency alarm in case one connector got stuck.


    I'm planning to connect a security relay to Safety I/O board (A20B-3300-0690). Connecting the output from the card to the relay is straight forward.

    However, I would like to connect a feedback to verify that the neither of the relays sticks to be compliant to the machine directives.

    I planned to use the NC connector on the security relay and the "Safe I/O consistency check" to verify that an input from the NC is the same as the output but inversed.

    The security inputs are double channel and security relays have typically only one NC connector.

    The security inputs uses inversed polarity so I can not connect the same signal to the both channels.

    Does anybody know a simple way to connect this?

    Great, thanks !

    Yes, I have an IRC5. A bit lost on ABB, I normally programs FANUC.

    I was locking offline on a virtual controller I created from a back-up and I still can't find them in RobotStudio. But they are there on the teach.


    I have a simple cell with an ABB robot and a cage. The port of the cell is connected to the AS security input.

    What I would like to do is to visualize that the port is open but I can not find a way to read the value.

    Help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the answer.

    Sure, but my question is still valid.

    My problem is that the EOAT has been rotated on the z axis of the robot, i.e. in the xy plane. I do not have access to a CAD model of the EOAT.

    If the EOAT had been rotated a full 90 degrees it would have been simple to just swap the x and y axes. But 75 degrees requires some trigonometry skills that I lack.


    I got the weight, payload center and payload inertia for my EOAT. However, my EOAT is rotated 75 degrees around the z axis relative the robot coordinate system

    To translate the payload center to the new coordinates is straight forward:

    x' = x.cos(v) - y.sin(v)

    y' = x.sin(v) + y.cos(v)

    z' = z

    What I can't figure out is if this formula is valid for the payload inertia too. Using it gives reasonable values but I think it is wrong.

    Help would be appreciated.