ABB IRB 6700 GuardStop;Motors are not turning on in Manual Mode

  • Hello Everyone,

    We have installed one ABB IRB 6700 robot for pick and place application.The Auto stop of the Robot controller is wired with the Cell entry Gate.So,Auto stop signal in robot controller drops when the gate is open and it stops the auto cycle of the robot.But Currently,when robot is in manual we are not be able to turn on the motors and the controller stays in the guardstop state.

    Can anyone please share any insight in this.Let me know if you need any additional details

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you


  • Delete all the event logs and try to enable the motors. Check the event log in its entirety for further clues, such as motors on inhibited by a motors off system input, etc.

    We did that and we made sure that this is not the case.For curiosity is it possible that this is caused by safemove Supervision zone?

  • So you have safemove, it should still be telling you why it is not allowing motors on. Have you tried another pendant? Maybe the enabling device is faulty.

    Thank you again,

    yes,we have safemove setup but I made sure that it's not happening because of the safemove.The enabling device works perfectly when the gate is closed(i.e AutoStop OK) .The motors are turning on and we can jog the robot.But as soon as we open the door motor goes off and its not even giving us any fault on TP Screen

  • Autostop should never stop the robot in teach, are you sure that is the only part of the runchain that opens? Are ES, GS and SS BOTH light on for each?

    Yes When we open up the door in manual mode.It only opens up AS1,AS2.All the other lights of GS,ES and SS are ON

  • Check if something else is wired in panel board. There is one contact for external enable device. If it's open you get no errors, but motor will not turn on.

    Thank you for the input.If you have more information about the board number and pin number can you share that with me?

    Thank you

  • Do you have terminal strips with bridge connectors in their correct places to complete ALL the stop circuits as a reference point?

    If so the Panel Board may be suspect.

    I was thinking to do that.Probably I will do that and share results here.

    Thank you

  • Thank you everyone for your help.

    the real issue was faulty Auto-Teach Switch.One of the contacts on the switch was faulty.And it didn't recognizing that the robot is on the manual mode.We changed the contacts and it started working.

    Thank you again

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