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    I had some experience between KRC4 controller and Mitsubish Q series PLC. You can have options as below:

    1.Via Profibus :

    Mitsubish side needs QJ71PB92V module and KRC side need Beckhoff EK1100+EL6731-0010

    2.Via DeviceNet :

    Mitsubish side need QJ71DN91 module and KRC side need Beckhoff EK1100 +EL6752-0010

    3.Via Ethernet/IP(Not Sure Q series or IQ-F series PLC)

    Mitsubish side need QJ71EIP71 module and KRC side need KUKA.Ethernet/ip Option

    4.Via CC-LINK

    Needs Anybus gateway :AB7694 (CC -LINK SLAVE -EtherCAT Slave)

    5.Via CC-LINK IE

    Needs Anybus gateway :AB7691 (CC -LINK IE Field SLAVE -EtherCAT Slave)

    Hope this can help you !

    If you want a standard project, perhaps you can make a master image where you can have same version KSS/Option package/same program ..

    As far as i knew, each automative manufacturor has their own standard and master image.

    hi everyone

    i am trying to connect the NIC card to the KUKA robot using the C++ windows form application which i downloaded to the kuka system .

    any help regarding that . is it possible to connect kuka with NIC using c++ in KUKA system?

    As what i have had a try in the 8.3 controller years ago , it's possible to insert another network card ( Intel pro 1000) ,but you have to install the network driver . You can have a try.

    You can declare N_CYC in the Config.dat and then it will be a global variable(DECL INT N_CYC=0).

    In the next step, you can configure the variable in the configMon,you can refer to the manual for the Syster integrator where there is a chapter named configuring the variable overview(KSS 8.5: 6.9,KSS 8.3 :6.10).

    Do I understand correctly that if I do not make a call to the external program BAS.SRC, the inline forms in my program will not work and I will not be able to create new ones.

    What are the risks if I do not include the row:

    BAS (#INITMOV,0 )

    Tools, Bases, Speeds, Accelerations can remain unchanged from the previous program that was run before?

    If you are experienced , it's no need to use BAS(#INITMOVE,0).For example:

    Before you configure ProfiSafe address, please make sure the option named KUKA.SUNRISE PROFINET M/S has been installed , then go to the stationSetup-Configuration where you can find it (You can refer to the picture as attached.)

    AS for the error ,please check if the right robot type was coupled with the controller( See Topology as pictured shown)

    hi everyone,

    I have a question. Can ı create button or page in KSS 8.x.x like in myHMI ?

    Of course , you can .If you have the skills of development and knowledge of KSS,you can make your own plug-in .If not, you have the other option to purchase the option named EsayHMI from KUKA or myHMI from OrangeApps.

    Any free 3rd party VNC suggestions?
    I see that the op of this thread said RealVNC doesn't work.

    Then someones said UltraVNC works, but on a later post someone said it doesn't work.

    And if a VNC server is running in the background, would this impact the controller in anyway? ie slowdowns?

    regarding KSS 8.5, previously Mackavie said they got RDP working on 8.3.9, so in theory 8.3 also supports RDP over KLI?

    UltraVNC is a free 3rd party software that can work well . With what you mentioned RDP working on 8.3.9, i'm not sure and i only tested it once ,because usually i have taken use of VNC since KRC2 .

    The following code is for old motion,for each motion you can parameterize it differently based on your requirements.

    The diference between PTP spline block and CP spline block is like the diference between PTP and CP motion,they are just 2 diferent motion types.

    so is there any settings you need to set on the computer side?

    Just tried X47 and X43, neither of them worked for me.

    With the remote conenction into robot controller, you have no need doing any settings in robot controller, but you have to configure your IP address of Network(Same range : IP,Subnet:255.255.255).Be careful and enjoy it!!

    I have no good luck to connect remote desktop into KSS 8.3/8.2 controller by KLI interface ,but i could do it with KSS 8.3/8.2 controller via X47 port of CIB board (Robot IP: and no need any settings in robot side) .As far as i know, since KSS8.5, KLI interface is allowed to use for remote desktop.

    Yes but there seems to be also an pass through energy supply so one can bring additional signals if needed

    To be honest, when i was still a technician in KUKA, i was really unwilling to take any work related to Agilus hardwares which are all compact and difficult to assemble and disassemble. .

    wow, Xpert is really a nice kuka internal tool. Back to the point , It seems the 2nd generation Agilus has 2 DI less than the 1st generation Agilus in X41 connector and 1 set less than the 1st generation Agilus in the internal pneumatic valves.

    User defined Math function -Power: