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    I dont exactly know what you are looking for but you dont have configuration when your point was saved in joints.
    Configuration indicates how the robot access the point. Using Cartesian the few ways to be a the same point under difference pose, under joint config there is only one way


    I hace a cell in robcad,so i can know in each point of the path the value of the robot axes and the cartesian coordinates. I dont have fanuc controller for robcad, so my goal is to make a macro in excel where i put the values of the axes in each point and i get a path in .ls with the correct configuration. The problem is that i dont know how to calculate the U/D T/B

    Thanks, i´m going to try this.


    sure... you need to have DH parameters for the robot (from robot geometry) and then use series of calculations (one for each joint) using homogeneous transform. Kuka uses Rz(A)*Ry(B)*Rx(C) as transform convention.

    Do you know where can i find the formula needed to do it? (convert robot joints (j1,j2,j3,j4,j5,j6) to robot configuration)

    I know the robot tcp (x,y,z,rx,ry,rz), locations (x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) and work frame. they are all welding robots

    EDIT: i already have robot joints

    Or you could call the built-in FORWARD function on your robot controller.


    Thanks, but we have to configurate 79 robots with several trayectories each, we need to do it offline, do u know another way to do it offline with the data i have written before?.


    We have to simulate the path of the robot and spot welding points.Then if there is any collision then we have to modify it and relaod to the actual robot.
    Is this can be done with ROBCAD +OLP+SPOT as our end customer is insisting on ROBCAD and saying no for tecnomatix.

    Yes, you can do it with robcad, in fact i´m doing it right now with an entire line.

    Maybe subcontract this job is cheaper and faster than buying robcad only for this job...

    Hi rupy,

    I supose you want to say process simulate.

    You can do de simulation and the offline with both two, you only need to buy the controller license too.

    You need to know that siemens doesnt perform updates from robcad, "they consider it an obsolet program".

    Hi all

    its possible to work in robcad with a 7 axis robot? (kuka iiwa in my case)?

    i hadn´t got the .co, so i traduced a step and made de kinematics.
    i´ve just tried to put one of these axis like a external axes, and made it a toolframe and baseframe. but it doesn´t work, its like a mechanism.

    does anyone know how to do it?

    thank you

    Hi all,

    While creating OLP for ABB s4_spot controller, when i´m going to simulate to get the config, there is an error that pops up saying

    - "r66 (my robot name)": at "r66" : Simulation for ABB Robotware IRC5

    - warning r66: .\sega.c 3435 Prepare of tool orientation failed

    - warning: r66 error 20170:

    Another error; when i´ll try to use the controller in cells that i had modified in other computer another error message appears:

    - Error : r56: RC5 error: ``
    - Error: r56: `Cant init RC5 module for robot cellname.r56. Scroll up for details. '(rss id '-1' )
    - Error: robot cellname.r56 was not initialized.

    All :help: is welcome :beerchug: