Error RRS 20170

  • Hi all,

    While creating OLP for ABB s4_spot controller, when i´m going to simulate to get the config, there is an error that pops up saying

    - "r66 (my robot name)": at "r66" : Simulation for ABB Robotware IRC5

    - warning r66: .\sega.c 3435 Prepare of tool orientation failed

    - warning: r66 error 20170:

    Another error; when i´ll try to use the controller in cells that i had modified in other computer another error message appears:

    - Error : r56: RC5 error: ``
    - Error: r56: `Cant init RC5 module for robot cellname.r56. Scroll up for details. '(rss id '-1' )
    - Error: robot cellname.r56 was not initialized.

    All :help: is welcome :beerchug:


  • AD

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