Hi world what is the more favored robot manufacturer

  • Hi guys,
    What I wanted to know is which Yours of favored robot manufacturer is?
    We work ourselves with ABB, FANUC and KUKA. In this precedence the priority is near us.

    The best greetings from the cold Germany


    Nobody is perfekt!

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  • well i like the KUKA Robot most. Maybe, because is started with KUKA and worked all the time with KUKA.
    Than i really like the ABB S4 and finally the Mitsubishi Robot.
    But at least are Motoman, Fanuc & Co. also very good Robots.

  • Hi everyone,
    Im thinking of taking KUKA training course in Taiwan, although Industrial robot is quite new to me but Im very interested in this field, can anyone out there give some advices before taking this course, Thank you,

    CS Chang

  • I like Kuka, cause it's the only robot language i know! :icon_mrgreen:
    I never worked with ABB, Fanuc or any other stuff.

  • Hi All,

    My favorite Robots are FANUC.
    It's RJ3 Controller has very easy user interface as well as language is easy to understand.

    I worked on NACHI and KUKA also but I found them little difficult to understand... anyways its my perspective...

  • I like ABB but only because I am much more familiar with them than others. We also have several Kukas. I think I'd probably like the Kukas better if I could get more experience with them. I definitely like their Teach Pendant better than ABB's pre-IRC5s

  • Kuka (KRC1 specifically), I found to be very unstable - not just the one at our shop, but at customers sites as well.

    Fanuc is my favourite - I have to say

    ABB is pretty sweet too.

    Having said this, I found Fanuc robots to be one of the noisiest, and Kuka to be among the quietest.

    At least this is my experience.

    Noisy robots - can't tell too much when they are in production, but during a tour, the noise stands out.

    Can't beat the sound of servos though - It's music to my ears.

  • Hello,
    I work mostly with Kuka KRC-1 and a few KRC-2 I really like both, easy to program and set up (when it’s done correctly). I have also worked with ABB Robots but found the Menu system difficult to learn (remember) what was is each menu choice, the only think that was really strange with then was the Restart System where the Robot backed up to it’s last position.
    Always have Fun :dance2:

  • I recently went out on a service call for a customer. They had a problem with their KRC2 robot. It was a computer issue.

    Turned out to be the motherboard.

    Kuka is a nice machine, but those SOYO Motherboards are crap. I've replaced too many of them on the KRC1.

    This was my debut with the KRC2 - Pretty nice machine I have to say, but I heard they ran on win98 - This one ran on 95.


  • Throughout the 15 years that I have been working with robotics, I have been fortunate to be involved with several manufacturers, ABB, Comau, Kawasaki, Motoman, Fanuc, OTC, Panasonic, Staubli, and Naachi. I do have my particular favourites, Panasonic for Arc Welding, Fanuc for Handling and Motoman for Spot Welding. With regards to sealing and glueing applications there is not much between them, but I do prefer to use Fanuc on Painting applications.
    Overall the Fanuc system wins it for me with regards to the controller functions.

  • My preference is Fanuc because I am most familiar with them. Plus it was my first robot.

    I have only spent a few weeks with Kukas in my career, but think with more experience I would like them as much, if not more, than Fanucs.

    Cannot stand Nachi or Kawasaki.

  • I work with 4 fanuc robots, 2 welding and 2 forming.
    Never had the chance to try others
    but enjoy working with fanuc

    Don’t waste a minute not being happy.

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  • I mainly work with Motoman and find them so simple now. Main problem is that Motoman don't want to give you too much information. ABB are completely different. ABB are good for computing power and a little harder to use, It all depends on what you want to do. For arc weldin applications Motoman has an excellent reputation, but ABB is used more extensively worldwide.
    I have never worked with Kuka, but believe they have the best reputation.

  • It seems that Robot popularity is sort of driven by what region of the world you are in. ABB is very popular in Europe, While Fanuc and Motoman, are more popular in the USA. I prefer Fanuc, It has a powerful software platform, yet its intuitive, and maintains ease of use. No huge learning curve between various generations of controller. Controller components and robot mechanical unit components are of a modular design, so repair and troubleshooting is generally fast and easy.

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