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    OK, i fixed it.

    When I checked the change it was only once that i have to close a ad, not at every thread opend.

    For me that was OK. But i understand, that this is too much.


    Hey, i understand you point of view. :top:

    We should think about this:

    - everybody is helping here for free :zwink:

    - we should not expect help, but we are thankful, if somebody helps :merci:

    - we should be that first, what we expect from others :blumen:

    - here are so many good people they help and this is great. Thank you all :applaus:

    - i the universe, every Energy you put in anywhere, that energy comes back to you. Almost another way, that you expect.

    i hope you will stay a active member, because you are great :fine:
    Thanks for every helping to make this community better :love24:

    its crazy here in Germany.
    Factories shut down, nearly everybody works from home, toilet paper is rare.
    Its like in a Horror movie, nobody touches another Person, takes distance, fear everywhere.
    Nobody knows how long this will be.

    Positive side is: People are working from home, prepare their gardens, enjoy life.
    Nature and Humans can regenerate.

    i have translated valkamars Post with Goolge Translator:
    I guess you are welding stainless pieces with stainless wire !! Torch tilt 45 degrees X / Y 45 degrees X / Z 45 degrees Y / Z. Good welding depends on a few things that just can't be written in correspondence !!!! But I will try to explain some things to try. Welding depends on: amperage, voltage, wire feed rate, welding speed, what is the best experience of using a welder !!!! Look for data on the apparatus you are working on / Current and voltage table / Search welding literature for approximate 2 mm thickness data. Just a question, no way. It takes a lot of trials / trial error / trial error / and finally a good result. Tip: Call a welder, work with the infusion is a few minutes, a few practical tips in minutes and you're done. You will save a lot of time and nerves !!!!

    yes, thats right. I forgot that encrypted Module. Thought thats a nice trick to test the Software. But it is it really worth to buy. That safes a lot of Production time and Crash risk by false user interaction. If you are clever, you can write your own routine for that, but it wont be as tricky as the ABB Stuff if you dont want to invest hundreds of hours of Development.

    We now have Ranks in the Forum. This should be a little motivation and a visual sign how active a member is. :hi-bye:

    That's are ranks from the Game Battlefield, as soon as i find some with robots, I will change them. :AR15firing:Suggestions welcome. :love24:

    You receive:

    1 point for a "Like" :top:

    5 points for a post

    10 points for a thread

    20 points for the "most helpful post" :fine:

    30 points for a blog article (Legendary Members only)

    The more points you have, the more rights you get.

    For example:

    Newbies can attach 8 MB, 1 attachments in a post or conversation.

    Junior Member ca attach 12 MB, 2 attachments per message or post

    Senior Member 20 MB and 3 attachments

    Legends can write Blogs....

    That System is very complex, I don't explain that here.

    All you need to know is, that you receive more rights by asking, helping, writing.

    Have fun :yessir:

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