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    Hello Jeremy,

    that's is a good answer.

    Actual we tried to find out what's a right result of cycle time analytics from ROboDK is correct.

    I tried to used 3 different types of robots, ABB, FANUC and KUKA.

    All analytics for the correct cycle times wasn't correct? :/

    I tried to find out, how to used the right speed and acceleration, but didn't find a right solution about that problem.

    The thing is, you have really different speed and acceleration per each axis by the robot. When you change in the RoboDK the speed or acceleration of all robot axis then you have a wrong cycle time result.

    Maybe I'm wrong but i didn't find a right solution inside the RoboDK program for a correct cycle time result.

    Please, when you have any practicable information, let me know.

    That's will be perfect.

    I like the program an is very practicable but the correct cycle time is a very important point.

    Take care and thanks for help.

    Hi Mikael,
    I don't know any connection with a PC for the S4 controller! You can't do a backup at this controller version!
    Early the first S4c controller have this backup function included!
    The S4c+ controller are the first type of ethernet connection. Then you can use a normally ftp-program for up- and downloads.
    The settings on you pc when you want use a connection with the S4c and the S4c+ must be:

    When you want connection you must call the server and is not allowed to used a 'anonymos' login. Wich user or passwort is unimportant. But you must fill out with any letters.

    With the new IRC5 is this much easyer. You can use a dhcp on you pc and the controller give your pc the settings automaticlly. With the ftp program you can use the same settings to connect.
    But also you can use is the RobstudioOnline. Attention is another thing like the robstudio!
    The robstudioOnline is freeware!

    I hope you can use this information!

    Take care!