Please help me

  • Hello, I am new to the forum.

    I recently received a used motoman ES200N - NX100 robot.

    When I turn it on I get the following alarms shown in the picture.

    The teach pendant starts normally after a moment the screen turns off and the hold button light comes on.

    I have put it in maintenance mode and no option appears, just the background screen.

    Any suggestions?

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  • What alarms are you getting? Sounds like no software but if you are getting alarms it has software.

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  • In "NF01" the alarm is "E".

    According to the manual it may be the cable but I checked it pin by pin and it is ok.

    What does the compact memory contain?

    I would like to attach the pictures but for some reason I cannot.


  • The E alarm appears on the 7-segment display, not on the teach pendant.

    I also had the low battery alarm on the 7-segment display, I replaced the battery with a new one of the same value, but I don't know how long the robot was stopped.

    As I mentioned before the teach pendant turns on but then the display turns off and the hold button turns on.

    And in maintenance mode the screen remains in blue degraded but without any option, ie you can not do anything.

  • This robot is so old and has probably been off for a long time and lost it's mind, or who ever you bought it from loaded whatever parts they had to fill the slots. Either way you are going to have to call Yaskawa service in to look at what is going on.


  • Thank you for your reply.

    I am in Ecuador, I wrote to Yakawa Brazil, Yaskawa USA and Yaskawa Canada, no one has given me an answer =(

    The firmware that is in the compact flash I could only get it from the manufacturer I guess, I hope they answer me.

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