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    No. Since you are having multiple issues with your robot, it is best to contact your local Yaskawa office directly to determine why you are having problems with boot up, and for them to format your CF card properly.

    when you go to FD/CF, make sure you choose DEVICE first and set the device to Compact Flash. Then try resaving the job.

    If the controller has older firmware (ie. low to mid 3'S) then you may need to get a smaller flashcard, such as 32MB. Check the firmware by going SYSTEM INFO - VERSION and look at the version of firmware in the first line.

    No, NX100 came out in 2004, so you would have to look at using CF cards with a lot less memory such as 32 MB, 64 MB, 128MB or 256MB, depending on the firmware of the robot.

    ANSI-RIA and CSA mandate the use of a 3 position enabling device as of 2001. It is required in North America and most countries due to safety regulations. There's a reason they used to call it a "DEADMAN" switch - to stop a person from becoming a dead man.

    If you are in Ecuador then I would contact Yaskawa Brazil directly. Ask for the service department and explain to them what is going on, including pictures. They should be able to help you.

    You can only sync them by using the online function. Then you can transfer the jobs directly to the controller from Motosim. You need an ethernet cable and the IP address of the robot to do this.

    There are many choices - Motosim EG/VRC which is made by Yaskawa, as well as 3rd party software such as Delfoi or Octopuz. Each software has their advantages and disadvantages.

    If you are looking for software to be able to program a newer (NX100 or later) Yaskawa robot offline, with importing capability, then Motosim EG/VRC may be the best choice for you. But you will still have to touch up points (minimally) after loading your jobs from the software into the real robot.

    Check where you are teaching the reference points. Check also to make sure you have the correct wire length when you do both programs. Run your wirecut job before touch sensing.

    Have you taken into account the TCP and the Tool Interference file? I can't see the Tool Interference File activated on your simulation.

    Try turning on the model for the Tool Interference and see if that helps.

    use ROBOT - CURRENT POSITION - then choose ROBOT. This will give you your relative position to 0,0,0 in cartesian (XYZ) coordinates. You can use this to create your robot ranges.

    I personally have not seen this before, but I would check to make sure that the variable allocation is the same in Maintenance mode for both robots before transferring the VAR.DAT file from one robot to another.

    You have to add an UNTIL statement onto an existing MOV.

    Cursor to the right hand side of the MOV command.

    Press EDIT.

    Press F1 for LINE EDIT

    Press arrow up and choose either F1 or F2 for UNTIL

    Hope this helps!