Gripper for tiny components 1-3mm

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    I think he is looking for something to use in PCB assembly. The small parts are various components, mostly SMD...

    That would make sense. And not be an easy problem to solve. Most SMD pick&place machines I'm aware of (this isn't my field) use a very tiny vacuum cup for most components, since most SMD parts have a (very small) flat top that can be grabbed this way.

    But since SMD components require very precise X,Y, and Rz location, you need a way to ensure the part is picked properly, and that the vacuum cup doesn't cause any rotation of the part when "sucking up". Which, with parts that small and with such a variety of shapes and sizes, can be quite difficult.

    A 1mm vacuum cup that can also pick up a 30mm PCB, though... I don't think that's going to happen. Probably would require a double-header gripper with a SMD side and a PCB side.

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