Kuka KCR1 GM Spec X11 Pinout question

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    Have a old KRC1 that from what i'm told is a GM spec robot. I have been able to get comms up and complete everything I need to in manual but i'm having an issue when trying to run my application in auto. I cannot seem to enable the safety gate, The X11 connector but it does not match what I see in the standard kuka safety circuit, there are only 8 wires and it is located on a terminal block on the left side of the cabinet. Does anyone have the circuit diagram for X11 on this version of robot? or direction if I am looking in the correct place? Any help is really appreciated.

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  • cabinets for certain car manufacturers have specialized variant of the safety interface, for example:

    in case of GM cabinets, safety is on CC1, not on X11.

    BMW has E60 or PL6 etc

    Audi/VW has a fancy one

    Mercedes used X211c

    why don't you post a picture of what you have there?

    you can also check schematics, it should contain page with CC1 or whatever safety interface your product has.

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  • Thanks for the reply, the CC1 jumper is used on this robot and digging through other posts I did find that 17-18 and 19-20 represent the gate circuit on this connector. Problem solved

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